Warrior Changes | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour

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25 thoughts on “Warrior Changes | FFXIV Endwalker Media Tour”

  1. what ius the differnce between nascent flassh and bloodwhetting?? to be honest they are the same thing only with 4 sec on the 10 % mitigation . And they share the same recast timer so .. is someone can explain the difference ? thank you !

  2. IR changes are highly disappointing, it's a more dumbed down variant of the class now with your big dps window being akin to PLD atonement charges. All incentive to line up Upheaval and Onslaught with your own IR are completely out the window except to keep them in line with your party's buffs. While it does add up to more fell cleaves overall (ONLY AT 90 counting Primal Rend) than before, I can't help but think the loss of all damage in IR being DH+Crit is an overall loss for the class.

    Older ultimates will be even worse on Warrior as well, no DH+Crit on your weaves or autos in IR, and less fell cleaves overall at 70 and 80 (because PR is 90). All the while no potency buff to FC either to account for this missing from the kit.

    I HIGHLY hope SQEX reconsiders the changes to IR. This is a step backwards, and in my opinion strips the class of the little skill and thought that was required to play it already.

  3. So if they keep the 400 potency heal that Raw Intuition gives, you can get the equivalent of an Equilibrium by getting 3 GCDs off in that window. That's insane considering it also gives you a 10% mit

  4. Since Inner Release gives you Primal Rend Ready upon activation rather than deactivation, that means you won't have your IR window interrupted or even really delayed by the boss suddenly moving away. Pop IR but your target runs off, and you've already blown all your Onslaught charges because it's free damage? Hurl yourself spinning axe-first at him for 700 potency! and then continue cleaving! AAAAAAAA

  5. The biggest thing for me is that WAR – my chosen job for Eureka farming – now has even more HP restore in Eureka because of Raw Intuition. Every 25 s. Holy moly. Guess I'll grab another pyros weapon or 3.


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