Understanding The FFXIV Balance Discord "Drama"

Understanding The FFXIV Balance Discord “Drama”
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16 thoughts on “Understanding The FFXIV Balance Discord "Drama"”

  1. It's annoying because on one hand, it is just an unavoidable part of social media, sadly a lot of the people with the knowledge that feel confident enough to make resources like this, and I hate to sat it like this, feel that way because they do think they're just better than others and get this elitist mentality, that's just like how wealth and power tends to make a lot of people turn into dickheads over time but it is def an issue and really shouldn't be ignored(Not saying all are like this, I'm just clarifying so no one gets upset when it's not meant like that) because it's why most games have such a toxic scene and it causes loads of issues. Like right now, from everything I'm hearing and seeing, there's a big healer shortage in Savage and know-it-alls being rude to players who are only even there because they're trying to learn and get better, is only going to kill those people's interest in engaging with the raid scene, that's the sentiment they're going to tell others they know about the raid community in FF14 and it's just going to create an atmosphere where people don't even want to try because they don't want to feel like they're gonna be insulted and stressed. It's the same energy as people that stare down and make fun of overweight people at the gym, like WTF do you think they're there for? And how does being a dick help in any way?

    Mch lounge was the worst. Got down right ridiculed as a sprout by 1 particular mod. I had to block half the mods and got threatened in dms even for the whole fiasco.

    I dont know why these people do these jobs but it doesnt seam to about helping people it seams to be about being better than every1 else

    As for that comment by spit n spin. It's so incredibly biased. They dont have good reasons and u cant generalize it like that either just to save ur skin. They shouldnt do this work if they dont like it. for such a huge forum it's important to moderate this before SE winds up stepping in

  3. These claims are so foreign to me -.-'' Are we talking about the same place?

    It is a public discord and you can only moderate the non-staff so much (i.e. you can't ban every person that makes a sarcastic remark), but I struggle to imagine people getting ugly responses from staff as often as they claim to. Certainly not circa 2022.

    If you do, report it to the admins. It's not an evil syndicate, it's literally a group of volunteers gathered around trying to help people learn stuff. There's no interest in having staff members that are jerks to people.

    It's not a difficult decision as posed in the video. Better attitudes are dramatically more important than denser knowledge. Because in the end, most questions don't need the deepest of detailed expertise. So long as there's access to that level of knowledge amongst the team when needed, and quality resources are produced.

    Non-staff moderation is trickier for sure, but at the end of the day the mods and admins are there to stop the place from becoming a toxic cesspool. It's literally what they signed up to do. So don't be afraid to reach out to them, including and especially about other staff.

  4. I am using the balance quite a lot and I can't say myself I was mistreated nor have I seen it. I find that with such things an exact screen of what a person finds to be a mistreatment is better. This isn't saying there is no toxic behaviour at all but I feel it isn't as b ig of an issue as its made out here. I never had the feeling as a more "casual" kind of dps player that i was ridiculed ever. If you go to the balance and you ask for a question its to be expected they look at a log in full. And tell you what they think you do wrong. It's not the be all end all opinion its their basic opinion for optimising. They're the mentors of the role so yes they know the bits and quirks.

  5. I wouldn't have been able to understand anything on the balance without video guides, especially weskalber who was the only one that explained for someone that knows nothing and gave me a basis to even understand what people meant in more specific guides.


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