The Future of FFXIV

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0:00 hello mr Fan
0:30 Intro
1:20 Explaining YoshiPs Plan
2:27 Data Center Travel
5:15 More Solo Player Friendly
7:09 Graphical Overhaul
8:33 PVP
10:16 Island Sanctuary
16:47 Criterion Dungeons
18:09 Miscellaneous
21:04 Outro


26 thoughts on “The Future of FFXIV”

  1. IMO the 2 areas that will pose the biggest issues in the coming years: combat and the max lvl gameplay loop. I could write an essay on both, but no one's going to read that anyway.

  2. I love the idea of how hosting works in FF. But the scarcity is terrible. I love the community feeling of the neighborhoods and having a house in your own instance is just sad to me.

  3. IF they require people to go through 2.0 – 3.0 – 4.0 – 5.0 to get to 6.0 and beyond, the cadence can't rely on other players. Also if they won't but allow people to go through that content, it shouldn't be dependent on other players either…

  4. I’ve had a lot of problems with dx11 exe errors and crashes. Will they ever fix those issues? I tried the game first when ARR launched and I remember having the same type of crashes back then as I do now and last year when I played..

  5. Things I want to see the most:
    1. Difficult 4man dungeons with variability, not just for 1-4 player scaling.
    2. Character power customization. Doesn't need to be talents per-se, but much as I love FF, after playing Lost Ark it just feels so empty.

    Don't think either will happen…but I'm used to wanting things I can't have in games. 😐


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