Square Enix Will STOP SELLING FFXIV (for now)

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official lodestone post “Response to Congestion (as of Dec. 15)”

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0:00 Intro
1:03 A Message from Naoki Yoshida
1:58 Current login queue situation
3:05 Free Game Time
4:20 Suspension of Sale of FFXIV
7:40 Error 2002
8:10 Regarding the Raid Schedule
11:19 On Getting New Servers
13:59 Sus people banned
15:33 FF14 and the free trial that doesnt include the critically acclaimed expansion HW
16:34 Outro


45 thoughts on “Square Enix Will STOP SELLING FFXIV (for now)”

  1. Technology production is done on an "As needed" basis. The idea is that you make what you sell, after you sell it.
    They do this because of the rapid development in tech, and constantly decreasing prices of outdated stuff.
    While amazing for this particular industry, side effects include having ZERO surplus stock.
    We are really feeling the negative side effects from the massive hiccup in worldwide distribution and production caused by COVID.

  2. From sub time alone this is going to cost them upwards of 20 million dollars that's without considering lost sales wow pretty much lives on expansion sales since everyone quits one month in.

    This does answer all those clowns going just buy new serves and pay more money, whatever they're willing to spend on new servers we know it's more than 20 million dollars and apparently that's still not enough.

  3. I work from home so I just login at some time in the afternoon while other people are still at school or work, and take a break to jiggle the mouse or watch a cutscene every few minutes.

  4. I'm a new player, lost my sprout 🌱 a few weeks ago. I work from 6am till 5pm so when I get home I have to sit through a 2-4k que. That's about 1-2 hours. So I have about an hour to two hours to play. I did manage to hit 90 and buy all my new loots.

  5. the hardware shortage is nothing squeenix can really do anything about. if there's no stock available due to lack of raw materials or lack of processing facilities, there's no amount of money or pressure squeenix can throw at it to get anything resolved.

  6. funny cuz this happened for Vanilla WoW, they had to stop selling the game because how popular it was, never thought this would happen again especially in 2021 where alot of game companies now are more for microtransactions and releasing games unfinished and buggy in hopes to patch them later to appease the shareholders.

  7. My issue is that they knew how many pre-sales and copies were sold, so I don't buy that the influx was a surprise. I've not been able to log in since EW release, and been a subscriber for years. SE took the money and did not care to honor the sale of their product. That is fraud, period.

  8. ive been getting super lucky this past week. Normally id come home from work, log in and sit in queue while i cooked and prepared things for the next day, however this week has only been about a 10 minute wait unless i logged on after 5:30 est.

  9. where there is a will there is a way i work 38-42 hours a week and i was able to play and complete msq, complete enough dailies to have my moonset with the new tomes… now yes I have sat in queue for 4 hrs at a time just to play for an hour or 2; it's not impossible just a little frustrating. i think it would be so foolish for them to rebalance the pandaemonium raids when its possible to be geared enough by its release.

  10. I wake up at 5:15 am to take my various brain medications (ADHD, anxiety) so they've had a chance to kick in before I have to get the rest of the family up for the day. Since I'm up ungodly early anyway, I log in to FF and have about an hour and a half to play. The queue at that time of day is 20 – 30 people. The downside is I'm only getting an hour and a half, but then I make room on the server for someone else to have fun, so it all evens out. As far as new servers go… I've been trying to upgrade my video card for almost 2 years now because the good ones are 10x more expensive than they should be because of the massive shortages. I can't imagine the hellscape that is trying to buy servers in this environment.

  11. I know others have mentioned this, but the semiconductor shortage has really messed with the availability of all sorts of hardware. It doesn't surprise me at all to find out that Squenix has been incapable of getting the kind of hardware they'd need to set up a whole new datacenter in the quantities that they'd need. I would not recommend anyone to hold their breath waiting for this. At the end of January, assuming they still unveil a timeline to us then, don't expect for it to be soon after that. We're probably gonna be looking at server expansions Q2 or Q3 of next year at best.

    Oh and those suspicious services things are almost certainly going to be things like VPN's that disguise one's login location, or possibly virtual machine environments. Essentially, people out there who do power leveling or gil selling or other illicit services go to great lengths to disguise their activities, but there are still patterns that can be observed. What they're saying here is "yeah if you got that error it's because you sold your account to some guy to power level you at the start of Endwalker or whatever, so sorry, don't cheat next time."


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