Hitbox size difference from the current raid tier versus the savage raid hitbox size from last expansion. Why are some trying to shuffle this under the rug like it doesn’t exist? The hitbox size now is GIGANTIC!

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Developer Reason of Job Balance Changes (BOTTOM OF PAGE!):

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0:00 Savage Raid Hitbox Size Differences
0:34 Ranged DPS Tax Significance and It’s Impact



  1. Remember when pvp was cool in this game? Man season1 was great. Now people barely mention it. A barren waste in ranked with the same players. Random but I'm tried of this same video over and over. Yes ranged dps is low damage. We get it

  2. I think the primary thing about range tax now is having 0 positionals for the boss so orientation doesn't matter at all.

    The real issue stems from if range dps was on par with melee consistently then bosses would be steamrolled by parties. While I agree melee have it much easier now with boss hit boxes… it's just a concept that has sadly stuck and balancing it out may require more than just a buff to range so bosses aren't getting creamed way faster than normal

  3. If current raid fights keep the way they are now for 6.4 and onward, then the range dps check would have to lowered/removed. However if some fight are built where fights are not melee friendly, then it should remain. I think rushing to remove the tax right now entirely would be foolish, as it could lead back to the 2.x days of Rdps being more or less only thing allowed in PF groups with a single dragoon to up the bard's damage. Changes do have to happen, but ripping the entirely thing out would only cause even more damage imho to any sense of "balance".

  4. I can't speak for savage but at least in normal raids I'm really not a fan of the huge hitboxes, P6 is especially unwarranted. The fact that choros ixou is easier to dodge on your first time through by standing at what would have been E9 hitbox size is so odd.

  5. I have one request, Cole: Can you use ANY other music choice? XD

    I know a lot of people love IS, but that island "farm" music is such a mind-virus to me (it's like farming Titania over 80 times for the mount all over again, just with those horse clop footstep noises XD). Both the island songs, actually, drive me batty at this point. I love your content, man, but that song is making me insane. Something like Everywhere and Nowhere or In the Balance or…just something else please. XD

  6. Not only have the developers expanded the hit boxes for bosses, but they also tailored the quality of life changes going from Shadowbringers to Endwalker to include evening out melees’ ability to get close after disengaging from the enemy and also maintaining their combos which increases their overall potency output.

    With this in mind, there is really no excuse in bringing Phys ranged and casters’ dps numbers higher to put them on a more level playing field. There really is no real “advantage” to playing a ranged or caster any more, so they shouldn’t have to hit like a wet noodle just to appease melees from now on.

  7. I think its about time we give this topic a break, its like literally the only thing being covered right now on this channel. Yes its an issue, yes its a big one, it it being ignored? Of course not, is it getting fixed rught now? There is no hell way

    Who knows how do they plan to fix it, but stuff like this take time to fix, you cant balance the shit out of the game in two nights, and there is no hell way they will fix all of this by next patch and be able to deliver the new content, that you all complainers are expecting to come out by next batch.

    So take a deep breath, know that its going to be fixed, and wait 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. This argument is crazy if they're gonna make malee and range do the exact same then Castor should do more damage than everyone else because they still have Castor tax you see how silly that is.

  9. I wish they would just stop to make savage for everyone there is so much casual content in this game there is no need to make savage easy so others can do it as well that’s why its called savage if u wanna clear it improve!

  10. Yikes, a ninja should never use hyosho just cause they’re disengaged. That’s trick-only. But yes, suiton is ideal, kamaitachi or ration if you have to. But that’s only ninja. Monk doesn’t even have a ranged attack.

    I do think bosses should force downtime more often, it makes the fights a lot more interesting having something like that to play around.


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