Should You Raid in Party Finder in FFXIV?

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Patch 6.0.5 Gearing Reference by @Veraci_tea

Patch 6.0.5 Notes

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00:00 Intro
00:32 On desire & motivation to raid
03:38 Before You Raid
04:22 Party Finder vs Static raiding
15:23 Static recruitment
16:02 Casual vs midcore vs hardcore
21:47 Outro


39 thoughts on “Should You Raid in Party Finder in FFXIV?”

  1. I don't really like being in a set schedule for statics, so normally I'll hit up a few people in my friends list and we'll just hop into DF or PF for savage and extremes. Casually raiding with a few friends on discord is chill and we can all cry together when we enrage at 0.1%

  2. Statics are not for me

    1. Real life comes before the game

    2. My schedule varies week to week, so I am not available the same days, some weeks, not available at all.

    3. Some statics want to raid 4-5 days/week or have such a strict attendance policy that it feels like a 2nd job

    The hardest part about PF raiding is the "miss the boat" issue. As pointed out in the video, at the start of a new tier, there's a lot of learning parties out there. In a few weeks, those will dry up. If you haven't cleared, then you get left behind. Once people get their clears, most won't go back and help others clear. I've tried making own PF and they stop filling after a certain point just due to fewer players needing to clear.

    For raiding in PF, a couple things I suggest:
    1. Have thick skin. Accept the fact that not all groups will be good or work out. It's going to happen. Shake it off and move on.
    2. Be willing to accept 0 chests for your initial clear. Get your initial, then you can start joining 2 chest weekly clear parties. I've seen people turn down help because they were insistent on have a 2 chest party.

    I've thought about trying to setup a CWLS to see if I can find other players in a similar situation as me. This could create a pool or players to work with regularly to try and have some consistency. I'm not really the leading/organizing type though.

  3. I used the duty finder to do my first ever raid in FFXIV yesterday. It was Labyrinth of the Ancients (I'm level 55 at the moment), which is required to get to my next ARR MSQ. It was terrifying! I'm pretty sure I died more than anyone else and I didn't know how to tell what group I was in so I just kinda went anywhere until near the end lol, but it was still super fun! Everyone was really nice and literally no toxicity at all, from my pov anyway. I could maybe see how the joking side bets on the amount of deaths in each encounter could be seen as toxic lol but it seemed like it was all light hearted to me. Only one wipe!

  4. I raided last patch for Eden with a static raid, but I eventually got burned out because of the committed time toward the end when I just wanted to chill and do nothing a lot of times after work. I eventually just told them to find someone new for Endwalker savages. I prefer static raid because people are more consistent in term of learning a fight, but it feels like a second job you're doing in life and it can be exhausting in the long term.

    And doing PF from my experience with Eden outside of static raid, E9S for tile was really bad. People kept running into tiles of other people and killed them. Then for E12S, a lot of people couldn't get pass first phase when it's supposed to be a clear party. It's one thing to learn a fight, but it's another to go into a clear party when half of the people can't even do the first phrase correctly on their parts. That is what is frustrating to a lot of people.

    I'm taking a long break from savage raid this patch. It just feels like a waste of time, and it's not worth to deal with people in PF because it's like rolling a dice. Most of the time you're not going to get a six, so your chance is kind of bad. Now I just to dailies and I log off and do something else in life.

    I do want to say static has its own issues too, such as people have different learning curve and learning pace. That's the issue I was running into in the past too. You'll always have few people that get it after few runs on mechanics, and then there's people that wipes 50 times and can't get pass certain mechanic. This is when your static needs to figure out what works for everyone. And this is one of the biggest challenges for static as well: Finding 7 other people that are on the same page in term of learning curve and similar goals & mindset.

  5. My issue with raiding is that you have to play a certain way. You can’t just go raid, you have to prep with a bunch of stuff and it’s a
    Just a hassle. I just rather do extremes

  6. I loved how on day 2 of the savage release, more than one PF group was listed with “know the fight!!” in the description. XD

    Then on day 3, people started listing acronyms and/or “strat” names in the PF description, like people are supposed to know what they mean.

  7. I'm hit with the raid boss ability 5 seconds before the AOE telegraph appears. This is either hilariously broken or the result of tremendous lag. I can do nothing about either. I won't be raiding.

  8. I've done P1S and P2S on PF while I wait for my static to be ready next week. PF on elemental has been hit or miss. Mostly people joining parties they shouldn't be in. A2C enrage exp parties with people joing that don't even know how to do limit cut on P2S. Not even bothering with 3 and 4 on PF

  9. I think the hard part for me is that there's still SO much to learn before I feel like I could want to start raiding. I want everyone to have a good experience and no one wants to be the poor player who holds other people back! (I probably would be lol) I'd want to find a group of people who are okay being "raid sprouts" together and learning as we go, or find a solid person or two who can help me improve through gameplay before I really dig into difficult content.

  10. back in E12S i hard stuck at lion prog for like good 2 week in PF. Everytime i make lion prog party there always have 1-2 guys go in and cant even do titan. So that became PTSD from PF for me now

  11. In short – this video is about why I have been avoiding Raiding. It isn't the difficulty of the content, it is the expected rate of progress and the way people respond when you are slower. The usual response to "I don't raid" is what you talk about at the start, the belief that it is the raw difficulty of the content. But my personal experience is what the video is about, and that leads to issues with statics as well.

  12. I joined a p1s learn group just to refresh my memory after clearing it days ago and was stunned at the very poor dps from everyone, I’m talking less than both tank dps. It was a mess, I genuinely felt bad because I know these individuals would probably never clear this even with echo and gear. But at least they’re trying, they’ll learn eventually or improve

  13. I'm okay w pf parties but only with my friends bc most of the time we are in a vc so they can do callouts and gotta say I do want to join a static but my time is now limited w school being around the corner

  14. I missed the prior series but i cleared E5S-E8S all in PF blind with a couple of friends, also got P1S boss to 30% in a couple of PF groups with the same friends. Key things here are friends, if you can grab 1-2 maybe even 3 or 4 that you trust to come into PF with you, itll make it so much more enjoyable and easier. Going in solo can be hell.

  15. I hate when you have a kill/clear party and people are still having trouble "progging" with mechanics. You either know the mechanic or you don't. Don't join a PF if you aren't at that prog yourself. Regression is the worst thing to happen in a party. After seeing an earlier mechanic dozens more times than the later ones, how are you still getting dmg downs? It's really annoying bc that GCD you just greed, now you have less rDPS thanks to your dmg debuff. People need to STOP CARING ABOUT PARSES in clear parties, especially when you're NOT BiS! If you're really as good as you think you are, you wouldn't be getting the crown of shame. Whew, sorry. Had to get that out of my system ^^

  16. Honestly wish i had friends to raid with. My work schedule changes every week, so setting up a static is impossible. I'm always stuck using PF. It's not bad, but it ain't the best.

  17. Zepla, you as a content creator should probably not say "see, I could form a group easily for my time slot" at this time. You really do have hundreds, if not thousands of players of any skill level who will bend over backwards to play with you right now. That's an exceptional situation to have.

  18. Honestly… FF14 is plagued by casual toxicity, it's an odd thing to consider, but installing something like ACT(and don't be a dick if you do). you will soon discover that a sizeable majority of players literally don't even bother, and making even the slightest effort will have you top their damage/healing by easily a third :D.
    Party finder is fine for most content, Experience will vary per individual queue, but just about everything IN ff14 is puggable, save for the current savage tiers the game is fairly easy, the more difficult encounters usually rely on figuring out THE one thing that recks you or seeing it once or twice for your brain to go AAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhh.
    Don't be scared of it, jump in its fine.

  19. I think i will just do it in PF. I did find my first static , we killed P1S and got to enrage in P2S, then i made 3 mistakes, i don't know it was 12 midnight and i was focusses on healing didn't pay attention to the bad square and went there with my arrow , twice, the i miss clicked my anti knockback.
    Got kicked , I didn't enjoy the company of the static leader.
    I'm still new to savage raiding and i want more hours in , i'm not happy with my dot%,ogcd's,overhealing… but i'm definitely improving ,i can feel when the dot is about to run out and i look at it at 3-2 sec.

  20. P2S GRP other day. 2 people with 0 melds….Also why do you people join only to be like afk 10 minutes later. If your going to join a grp with other people then have the decency to not waste their time. If your there for a while then fine a few mins for a bio break isnfine but Jesus.

  21. Endwalker savage was my first experience of, savage, since Coil of Bahamut. So yeah, I understand the nervousness. 😅 I admit it was tough at first going in blind with strangers using Party Finder (PF) but I endured and stuck around for more wipes 🤣 It’s a slow progress a lot of the times, but it’s still kinda fun! But I have also worked with static groups using Discord, and yes, ZeplaHQ is right, it’s easier and faster. 😁 But I still would recommend practicing in PF all the same, if only to test your knowledge of the fight and exercise your patience. 😋 If you can’t be in a static, it’s ok, just gather all your ‘chill points’ and go to PF! It does work. 😃 In my experience, the fun comes later when you reached your goal once and know you can do it!! 🤩 Thank you Zepla. Stay safe. ❤️


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