Paladin Changes | FFXIV Media Tour

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45 thoughts on “Paladin Changes | FFXIV Media Tour”

  1. I can barely freaking process the sheer amount of hype I feel right now. When you've been a PLD main since ARR and you had to go through the incredibly rough state of it in HW, and you've experienced it slowly but surely getting and better and better throughout each expansion since… Stronger, holier, shinier. You look at the state it's going to be in for Endwalker now and the absolute glow-up is damn near enough to bring me to tears. They really just gave me ALL the skills I could possibly want. It's crazy and I love it.

  2. Looks good, but as my friend's MT who like playing GNB more than PLD those healing buffs suck… my friends are going to force me to play PLD more! (Mainly so our healer can spam Holy more. 🤣

    Plus I'm just being silly… I love the PLD changes. ❤️)

  3. So you're telling me that I can spam AoE spells to heal myself, and then call down AoE swords that give me MP back and deal AoE DoTs?

    AND That I can apply a 30% Mitigation and Regen to one target while also giving a Shield for 10% of my Max HP AND Cure to everyone around me?

    So just nobody takes damage anymore if there's a Paladin in the group is what I'm hearing? PLD is Blue Healer that makes all Healers turn into Green DPS?

  4. Can't wait to go back to my main for a while. I love that they got rid of all the spam timers. With one of the confiteor combos being an AOE goring blade, i guess you will now pop raging strikes after confiteor.

  5. I was JUST complaining how i hated playing pld cuz of the requiescat timer never working properly with my ping Didnt expect them to actually fix it. Super happy now!

  6. I love PLD in Shadowbringers, looks like I'm going to love it more in Endwalker, also with all of the Regen healing it has now it could make for a better Main Tank in raids. There literally seems to be nothing bad about this job. Go Paladin!


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