My 5 Favorite Jobs in FFXIV (Every Role)

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0:00 Intro
0:44 Things I like in a job
1:51 Fav TANK
3:59 Fav HEALER
6:21 Fav MELEE
8:08 Fav CASTER
13:43 are there jobs I should give another look?


35 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Jobs in FFXIV (Every Role)”

  1. This was a fun vid! Felt like I needed to see something positive and light hearted today.

    For my faves: WAR, AST, SMN. I also like the braindead jobs lmao. Although WAR aesthetic makes me sad. One day we'll get some Job stuff that doesn't look like it came out of an ul'dahn dumpster.

    I can't comment on the melee, they're around lvl 30 or unlocked lol (can you tell my least fav role lol). And for Phys Ranged, I enjoy them all a little, but I've only played DNC a bit and haven't really played MCH/BRD since capping them in StB. If I choose purely on aesthetic, MCH is the winner for me.

  2. I love MCH. A lot of it is because the class fantasy of "Gun" is very fun. I like my stupid cowboy glam and my rooty tooty point and shooty, but I think what I really like about it is its simplicity.

    I feel like all the other classes I play have cooldowns and resources to manage, and then you have to coordinate using your abilities with the party for the group benefit. But MCH is really just "Hey do I have 50 heat? Are Drill/Air Anchor/Chain Saw over 8 seconds cooldown? Okay cool, I blast now, and "Oh reassemble, my big damage button, is off cooldown, okay I just use it immediately with my next Drill/Air Anchor/Chain Saw". There's no other button I have to optimize hitting. I never have a "Oh this damage buff is up, but I need to hold it for burst" moment, I just hit the buttons as soon as they come up except for when the next potion window is getting close, and that's been really conductive to learning.

  3. So I think your list was… a list for sure! Most of those jobs I actually haven't tried yet! In your same role order my faves are: Gunbreaker, nothing yet, ninja cause I hate myself, red mage for sure, and lastly bard. I love big damage and pushing a lot of buttons. And bows. Having 1 arm irl I need to live vicariously though my bun XD

  4. Think mine would probably be: GNB, WHM, DRG, SMN, DNC/MCH. For the last two it depends on the char I am using; prefer DNC on my Viera alt, while I use MCH on my Au Ra main. For the healers it’s a bit odd, as I love the WHM looks and gameplay, but typically end up doing the MSQ as SCH while using SMN for dungeons and trials. Something about having the fairy heal you all the time is just so relaxing when soloing and focusing more on the story than on mobs.

  5. Dancer will always probably be my favorite; but, the verkoolaid is very addictive as well. I am currently leveling MCH and BRD; but, I always come back to Dancer for MSQs and playing through FF.

  6. Ooo ohkay well uhm,
    Monk: My body is the weapon.
    White Mage: For the good raw heals and it's simplicity.
    Dancer: Simply for the aesthetics. It was kind of hard to choose between this and the other two because I love them all lol.
    Summoner: Simply because of it's rework.
    Dark Knight: Give me the big sword and free my soul!! I want to get plunged into a fking hole and drift away~ (idk lol)

  7. Mine would be:
    Tank: DRK
    Healer: WHM
    Melee: MNK (SAM is a close 2nd)
    Ranged: BRD
    Caster: RDM

    I love their job quests, lore, glams, and gameplay.

  8. I kinda miss the days when if you wanted to be a Paladin (and other jobs obviously), you had to level Glad to 30 and THEN Conjurer to level 15 before you got the Paladin quest…. sigh…

  9. Still leveling but so far:
    Tank: PLD (want to try WAR)
    Healer: WHM
    Melee DPS: RPR
    Caster: BLM

    Range DPS: BRD (Close MCH)

    Would love go have a very dark range DPS job and be able to be the helpful and kind one as a support then switch to DPS and not give a crap about others. 😉

  10. I wonder if you shouldn't give RDM more of a shot? Not my job, I am a PLD one-trick, but the Glams make me envy the job so hard and hearing your spiel about Glams made me wonder if you shouldn't give it a second look?


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