Level 90 Bard | First Impressions And Thoughts – FFXIV Endwalker

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22 thoughts on “Level 90 Bard | First Impressions And Thoughts – FFXIV Endwalker”

  1. Dotting in aoe was always kind of a clusterfuck, but I enjoyed those brief moments of infinite repertoire. I would have preferred getting a weaker aoe dot with a lower proc rate for balance than to just have dots do nothing.

  2. The Brd in my static had no SCH in the comp (only DRG) and got top 24 (all regions). Yeah I know it is week one parse but you can play BRD easily in a serious setting without an SCH+DRG.

  3. It would lower the skill fall into the basement but: Gives songs a second charge. Repertoire being each "different songs gives +2%". They can remain sync'd with Ballads/party buffs if they die or with dungeon pulls. (Perfect set up for the start of the boss).

    Gratz on clear. I had a feeling Kosh would get the weapon, "Don't be sad this is just how it works out sometimes".

  4. I find bard mostly braindead in EW. Besides the 20 seconds in the opener, you aren't doing anything. Mages ballad is as boring as AP was in ShB, AP is the song we are sitting on the most. The coda exist when they lack any purpose in terms of gameplay. Single target all the planning you would do for what is the statistically better double weave is gone, dots now just exist, 3 bloodletter stacks also exist and only matter in the reopener and opener the job I loved is a mess.

  5. hard agree on pitch perfect becoming aoe (even if they gave it some pretty major falloff) + barrage granting shadowbite. the rest of the job feels great to me, but i only started playing it in endwalker so i have nothing to compare it to.

  6. New Bard's fun for the first few days of playing, but I stopped playing it altogether since I got ghosted from Repertoire for 15 sec straight during Minuet THREE times in a day. Not a fan of slow procs, really.

  7. I cannot believe SMN in ShB could spread dots and now in EW, they no longer have dots. In ShB, I always hated spending time to manually apply dots to trash pulls because more dots means more procs of Repertoire. Now BRD in EW is the only major user of dots and they… still can't spread dots and even if they could, dots don't proc Repertoire.

    It would've been cosmic irony if they did let BRD spread dots in EW but continued with songs having a flat 80% Repertoire proc rate.

  8. Part of me hopes that the removal of DoTs does happen from certain jobs / jobs that already have their kit gutted from them, but only in the sense that there is a legitimately-dedicated-to-DoTs dps coming.

    Old 2.x SMN style of thinking, when we cross classed thunder.

  9. Idk I'm having a blast with the class. I love getting DPS increase from my own buffs. I feel like the class needs a total rework like smn did. This isn't a bard this is an Archer that happens to sing big difference

  10. You can use barrage on cooldown and still fish for shadowbite since barrage doesn't get used up by aoe weaponskills besides shadowbite. Still would be better if shadowbite ready and straight shot ready was the same though. I think it was a last minute change and they didn't have enought time to make new icons like they did for the damage buffs/procs of other buffs.

  11. For me BRD just feels better in AoE now, and that was my biggest gripe with the class. I've started playing the game a couple months before endwalker and mained the class for all of Heavensward, Stormblood and now I'm halfway through Shadowbringers. I really like the kit, but there are a few things that seem a bit out of place. The dots now are pointless and just a nuisance to keep in mind during boss fights, the changes to mage's balad break my heart, and having to sit in paeon SUCKS.

    I still dream that next expansion they'll introduce a new hunter/ranger pet class that branches off archer as well for everyone who wants that pure dps bow fantasy, and fully commit to BRD as the instrument class that deals damage with sound waves, buffs the whole party a ton and is fully based around songs and not have to be an archer at the same time. I'm just a noob though so this is just a pipedream based on my inexperience most likely.

  12. Endwalker bard kinda feels lacking after having played the job for all of shadowbringers. It's pretty much the same, but just dumbed down a bit, which is not something I want to see on a phys ranged job that already has a little less complexity than casters and melees. For me the biggest issue is the way the repertoire procs feel right now. Before you applied dots to enemies and got rewarded for keeping them up and if you were good at managing dots on multiple enemies you got rewarded for it. Procs were a reward for good play. Now it feels more like you have a 20% chance to get screwed by RNG. There is no real reason why you're getting procs, it's just a timer that's ticking that gives you stuff, but sometimes it just doesnt.

    If they're going down this route and end up removing dots, I'd prefer to have repertoire work the same or similar to the way it works in pvp at the moment. Every burst shot and empyreal arrow gives you a repertoire stack and you have 2 empyreal arrow stacks. This way it feels like you're being rewarded for playing the job right, not just conjuring procs up out of thin air and randomly getting screwed.

    I'd still much prefer repertoire being procs from dots because some of the most fun I have had on the job was from multitarget phases like the e7s add phase. Managing dots on 3 adds and also trying to apex arrow multiple while doing mechanics was finally something complex to do on a phys ranged job and it felt like it used the free movement from phys ranged in a positive way.


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