Jesse REACTS to Manderville Weapons in FFXIV 6.35

What do you think of these new Weapons?

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31 thoughts on “Jesse REACTS to Manderville Weapons in FFXIV 6.35”

  1. "I would never spend time to get it" — It's only 3000 tomestones. It's like no extra effort besides normal playing. I think they're all pretty solid so far

  2. As badass as punching someone/thing/whatever with glowing dragon heads might be, it's still not as entertaining as making my weapon invisible and literally punching gods with my bare hands.

  3. There's something about the distance between the swirling effect and the weapon that feels weird and clunky to me. Like, shouldn't it be closer to the surface of the weapon?
    Edit: I guess it depends on the weapon too. Can't bring it any closer in on the spear lance, I guess.

  4. Dammit brain, stop anticipating exclamation points just because snake eater is on. No, the next book or staff is not going to have or be an exclamation point, the song is added on after the fact, none of this is how it works!

  5. I like the designs, I'm just not crazy about the restricted color choices. Like I glammed back to the previous RPR step, cause this one has to be mostly white, which just isn't for me.

  6. Well – that made me sad, I was considering swapping over to maining BLM again after swapping to SAM in Stormblood 'cause the first form for the relic looks great. Shame the 2nd form looks – well, like that really xD
    I love the look of RDM and AST ones though

  7. Watched this exact same video to help determine which class I'd be upgrading first. Went with RDM, but it was a toss-up between that and SAM.

    Honorable mention to MCH (my next upgrade), that one looks great too! Sadly as much as I like DNC I'm not too impressed with their Manderville. I think ShB's DNC weapon looks a lot better.

    As for the books: I totally get where you're coming from…not really much you can do with making a spell book look awesome. That said, however, the "…of the Demon" books for SMN and SCH actually look really, really good. In fact pretty much every "…of the Demon" weapon looks awesome, I use them for a lot of glams.

    Edit: Meant to mention that I agree that a lot of the glowy colors seem to be mixed up. DRK should be red, PLD should be blue, RDM should be red, SGE should be blue, etc. Come on, Squeenix, I thought we had this all sorted out in Mass Effect. 😛


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