I experienced The Vault in FFXIV…

Well, didn’t that go great…

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25 thoughts on “I experienced The Vault in FFXIV…”

  1. To ignore the elephant, I adore how the vault guards (and to a lessor degree most human dungeon enemies) just pour out of the woodwork. They dont just wait around, they coming! Real fun touch.

  2. Vault – Noun, a large room or chamber used for storage, especially an underground one.

    Perfect because after this scene, I buried my heart deep underground so it wouldn't break again.

  3. "it hurts" Hey, like Rumi said — "the wound is where the light enters" haha. If you can't feel pain you can't feel love.
    This is so great every time yuo've made one of these FFXIV videos I've just done it myself like 3 days earlier 😀
    This story element impressed me tho … broke my heart, but well done. Hourchefant was a real one, was there by you ride or die when everyone left you hanging, brought you in under his own name, called it that he was willing to go in and die to help Ishgard's future according to his moral compass, always put his money where his mouth was. RIP to my hero.

  4. I'll be honest, at that point in the game I had gotten completely sidetracked on doing a bunch of other random stuff, and by the time I got back to the MQ and saw this and all through the scene I was saying. "I have no idea who the fuck you are."

    Yep, I had spent so much time doing other stuff I had forgotten most of the characters by the time I started the MQ line again. 😅

  5. Haurche was instantly best friend material from the very first hot chocolate. Give me hot coca and i'll be your best friend for life, it huuuurt so much when he was taken here, and then with Edmont it just broke me so so much.

  6. A bit of information regarding the "Why?" of this scene:

    Zephirin de Valhourdin, the Knight who threw the spear, originally aimed for the position of Lord Commander, but Aymeric beat him to it. Because of this, he specifically aimed to hurt and undermine Aymeric by taking out one of his strongest allies in this moment – namely the Warrior of Light -, even though Thordan the VIIth never gave any orders or even mentioned wanting you dead beforehand. Haurchefant was just an unforseen, but not unwelcome, victim in this tragedy born out of jealousy and spite.

  7. I’m not able to watch your streams, so it’s great to keep up with your FFXIV journey here on YouTube.

    I’m glad you’re growing so attached to the characters and are moved by the story!


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