How Easy Is it to Get Banned in FFXIV? New Policy Update

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Prohibited Activities in Final Fantasy XIV

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0:00 Intro
1:28 Stalking
2:24 Examples of how to not be
4:23 Other obstructive behavior
5:41 ERP
6:35 When 1 guy in the 10 person FC disagrees
7:51 No more clear sellers in PF
9:51 Penalty points
11:04 context matters
12:16 how to be nice while still being mean?
13:38 outro


42 thoughts on “How Easy Is it to Get Banned in FFXIV? New Policy Update”

  1. Regarding "Using actions during combat to cause other players to fall from platforms or field areas to incapacitate them" i was making a joke about sparta kills, but I think it's really referring to using Rescue to kill people. Don't abuse rescue!

  2. so when some one stand in fire and die the 3rd time and you go hey listen if u effen die one more time or im coming to your house and force feeding you McDonalds
    is not expectable good to know, good to know 😛

  3. If you need this guidelines update to tell you not to be problematic towards people, you're probably one of the people they're taking about and if you're an issue already, I highly doubt that people will stop until banned, updated and spelt out guidelines aside

  4. I think it's funny that people get so butthurt when a game makes rules that promotes a positive environment. Just goes to show you the nature of people these days, getting upset that they can't be assholes.

    Preach made a comment a while back when talking about the whole Blizzard abuse/harassment lawsuit that for some reason stuck with me, and it's something so simple yet so many people fail to grasp it… "It's not that hard to not be a piece of shit human being."

  5. see this tos is going to lead to ALOT of trolling cause u can legit report people for calling u out for purposely fing mech's up, wont be everyone but we all DAMN well know theres gonna be ALOT.

  6. I died like 6 times on e7n and I said myself “that was such a shit performance I should uninstall the game” I’ve never done any raids in ff14 apart from what you do levelling up so it’s the first time I’ve done the eden fights.

  7. Hii zeplahq, I am Zack from Malaysia I have bought the game FFXIV PS4 version but it's for EU version only so do I have to create eu version PSN I really2 need to play this game can you help me?

  8. Zepla you coverd the ERP rules, but what about the RP rules. What if you say mean in let say a RP event, and you get reported about your IC behavior, I think one of the GMs told me that does get you banned.

  9. “Accrued penalty point total maybe reduce if a significant amount of time passed”

    Probably still perm banned from forums – it was a long time ago, during ARR, but I remember it was pretty quick to perm ban land.

  10. A lot of the "concerns" I've seen about these additions are just bad faith arguments. They play at an angle of "they're taking away muh freedom" nonsense, and pretending like it's a massive slippery ice slope. The additions are good, they're all rooted in common sense, and pretending like it's somehow infringing upon your gameplay experience is idiotic. If you truly believe you're being targeted by SE by these changes, maybe you should look at what sort of person you are when you're playing the game.

  11. Sooo during the asmon glamour contest zepla roasted some gleamours pretty harshly, all in good fun of course, what if one of the players felt offended and reported? Techinally she did shame his/her glamour, even if the whole point of a glamour contest is getting roasted, you can bet there are people crying about it, second, let's say a streamer is in pf and during his stream has a gut reaction and just calls one of his teammates idiot, big deal, there comes thousand of haters(yeah cause content creators have those) massive reporting them, and here again, technically they did call them idiot even if just once, by gut reaction and just on stream and not in game, so are they gonna get a warning?

  12. (rant, I need to vent lol)
    I remember while progging TEA I had a ""friend"" (not anymore heh) who I thought was super fun to hang out with. I had known him for close to a year at that point. Turns out after some weeks of progs, he started openly making racist/sexist jokes all the freaking time on vc, and I was constantly telling him that wasn't funny, or that he should stop. Our SMN was streaming at first and he clearly requested the guy to stop doing that for various reasons, stream included; the asshole managed to stay quiet for like 2-3 weeks at best. The SMN and I endured, we reached P4, the clear was near; however one day our SMN ragequit after hearing from that guy he has "a pass for the N-word" because he "grew up with two black friends" who told him that was "okay". I explained why the SMN left because I was feeling the same; he interrupted me and said "all these fights only exist in your head, they're not real hahaha" I snaped. I freaking snaped XD I gave him one more chance to communicate with me and I asked one thing: "Do you remember the time you asked me why I was dancing in a club with my bottle in my hand instead of leaving it on a random table, and I replied it's because first reason is safety, second is I'm a woman? Do you remember what you said?"

    He replied:
    "Yeah, I said you're paranoid. And I still stand by it."

    I wish I got him banned seriously. I really wish I did. But I didn't report. And I regret I didn't do it.

    (edit: oh and after I said I was leaving the group, the others decided to kick him out unanimously to take me back, and the guy we got after was even better than him. Full win)

  13. I am already only saying "servus" and "biba" when i joining and leaving a duty. Now i will not even say that because someone could get offended. There are a lot of woman on twitter and youtube who just get offended if you are a man or special white man. So anything can offend someone.
    Someone could ask me what i am doing: my replay i am eating meat of horse. Person gets offended, files a report and my account is gone. Or even just saying meat could offend some vegis. So yeah beter safe than sorry and not talking at all.

  14. -People playing new dps about managing resources
    -People playing new healer that heals being dps
    This expansion will be full of ironic salt, of the creators of Saltbringers comes…. Saltwalker, play and enjoy the story of the hero of light walking through a moon…that's made of salt

  15. It will be really good that the party finder actually is usable again. As for the rest, I have no issue. I've been on the receiving end of a few actions that are now banned, but have never been the sort to be unkind to others.

  16. Oh my God I saw so many of those exemple in chat lately I even saw a tank called a black mage a Morron in capital letters that's means he could easily get ban

  17. Another reason on top of plenty of another to play FF14, they actively care and attempt to make the game better, when was the last time you saw this in another game of this genre?

    and the 4:58 is pretty hilarious, square know what people do with their game and they endorse it! That's absolutely aweseme ''ok kid's, we know what you, just keep it down low and with consent and use protection and your free to go nuts'' instead of coming down on players and demanding ppl to stop

  18. I'm just glad they ruined the life of trash talkers who find it so easy to insult people and so hard to be self discipline either because their family didn't teach them manners or they grew up in a trash environment ……… good manners are so rare in these days. I encourage any type of policies that promote good behaviors

  19. A guy has been stalking my girlfriend, spamming /hug and teleporting where she was CONTINUOUSLY FOR 2 YEARS and after at least 20 ingame reports and 5 direct mails (not working), seeing a policy being so meticulous about It brings tears of joy to my eyes -_-

  20. Make sure you all have your timestamps available on your chat box lol.

    My friend left his queue accidentally yesterday in duty finder and accrued a penalty point. Apparently those ones disappear when you enter a duty but it seems they changed the penalty system for that too.

  21. They literally just needed to make a few simple changes than all this grey area. Removing friends from both ways on friend’s list, and blacklisting actually blocking stalkers, period. All games have this option… who cares if someone says you suck at playing the game, I’d rather block a stalker.


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