Golbez Extreme – The Hardest Endwalker Trial | Xeno Clears The Voidcast Dais (Extreme) FFXIV

Xeno Clears the Newest Final Fantasy 14 Extreme Trial added in Patch 6.4 titled The Voidcast Dais, also known as Golbez Extreme. This is actually Xeno’s second clear of the trial but I decided to upload this over the first clear because he answers some questions regarding PF and overall people speak more, first clear was a lot quieter.

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37 thoughts on “Golbez Extreme – The Hardest Endwalker Trial | Xeno Clears The Voidcast Dais (Extreme) FFXIV”

  1. Xenos is pretty toxic going NW for flare instead of giving a dps that uptime. Makes sense since he kisses chat without permission.

    Also, this fight is easy with less things to learn. Literally learn and clear it in pf in one lockout.

  2. It feels like people in pf become more stupid with each patch. Is it that hard to stand still and look at the direction you need to be knock backed?

  3. Some people act like the title means hardest fight in the game or something lmao. All the EW trail have been easy af, this one just punishes you more for having someone dead.

  4. This is probably the easiest EX of the expac since hyd ex and zodi ex came out with ew launch, no idea wtf xenos is talking about. Hardest part about this fight was doing it with minimal sleep from doing other patch shit lmfao.

  5. Ngl the amount of stuff that makes you want to take downtime is painful, I play PLD so it's easy mode at the right times but sometimes it's during goring blade and if that drifts it is the worst. Meant I greifed my group a bit in clearing it so that's a feels bad, not a fan of hindering the group and I just thought of the solution to it now, I simply need to push my first FoF forward 1 GCD and it'd probably make it a comfy fight

  6. Fight as a whole is not hard, it's just more punishing, like I wiped to the kb thing more then anything else in pf and most of the time is one person. I do think that with better gear it will be wayy easier. Still very cool fight. Though Barb is still my favorite for her pasing.

  7. To say it's the hardest of a group of something does not mean that it's particularly hard. Its a statement of relevancy. Get yalls panties out of a wad

  8. I wouldn't call this the hardest (i think Barbariccia was slightly harder) but the people who are saying that this is easier than Rubicante or Zodiark are definitely just baiting

  9. Have yet to beat it on pf. Managed to get to gale 2. As for the fight, Golbez is punishing, if you get a debuff or anything, you die and can potentially wipe the group. Rubicante was way easier becsuse 99% of the people just followed someone for fuse a s the other thing that I dont remember the name of, the asterisk shit.

  10. Pf definitely struggling

    Yep I feel you I been stuck in tower+meteor because everyone can't use their eye or move out a little bit to see their marker.

  11. Idk, I beat this fight blind on day1 in pf. Day2 however when the Hector guide came out, people just went ape and been arguing about boss relative vs true north for the group stacks lol. Got 6 clears tho so I won't be touching it for a while

  12. When we say is hardest ex trial, we mean the "hardest" FROM the trials (wich are ALL fkin easy) is it the hardest for most people? Yes. Is it easy? Yes. Is an extreme ofcs is fkin easy, yall on crack or what? The only hard content in this game is ultimates (and not even all of em). Yall need to take a pill lmao

  13. The hardest EW trial? Id def put Barb above it. This trial is alright, post 40-35% there is no new mechs so it suffers from the endsinger problem. The fights better than Rubi, Endsinger, and Hydaelyn imo but man its def bland

  14. After the 2nd gale it gets easier, but its true its very punishing, with the meteors if one of you guys die thats basically a retry already(tho u can still survive) most mechanic almost requires the whole party to be alive.


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