Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – #45 – The Ala Mhigan Summit

Boy I love it when things go smoothly, as planned and without complication.

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0:00 – Introduction

0:26 – QUEST: “Securing the Saltery” (continued)

9:51 – QUEST: “A Blissful Arrival”

19:28 – QUEST: “Return of the Bull”


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Edited by Daniel Floyd

♫ “Pray Return” by Chris Logsdon

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20 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – #45 – The Ala Mhigan Summit”

  1. A lot of people dislike Lyse's decisions on this part. But like, a) what can she do differently? And B) no one disagrees or tries to stop her. Not Raubahn, not Alphinaud and especially not us. This is truly a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

  2. In retrospect, its kinda obvious the Ananta weren't going to play nice.

    From the interaction where they referred to Durmin as "The Slayer" and starting off with how he sinned against Lady Lakshmi

  3. "We can't execute Fordola, she needs a fair trial and we need the information she has"
    "You'd spare these animals? I'd kill them on the spot."
    I don't get Raubahn this patch

  4. Playfriends, it's time to convene the group to decide what the new Ala Mhigo will look like. This is your spoiler free lore comment.

    4:00 – I like that this quest isn't "Hey Durmin, go kill some monsters". This allows for a different mechanic to be used than combat and shows that we're leading and teaching, not just solving problems for others. This builds up minor NPCs while keeping Durmin as the expert at slaying baddies. And the illusion of choice does allow for players to characterize their characters without having Wiscar come to any harm.

    11:40 – It's time to tie up this little dangling plot thread. Unfortunately, there's not much beyond this little mention of the last two conspirators.

    17:40 – The thing about making an Ala Mhigo for everyone is that, well, you've got to allow everyone to have input. Lyse is smart, taking extra precautions, but everyone is ready for things to break down.

    22:30 – This is the Rear Entrance? This is the only entrance I know about!

    23:35 – Ey, M'naago's dad is here! Makes sense, the M tribe is decent sized settlement.

    25:10 – Lyse is off to a great start, defining on a fundamental level how the new Ala Mhigo will differ from the Mad King or the Garleans. But she could've had some cushions ready. Although the Ananta seem to use big stone bowl things for seats. according to the Gatekeepers tribe quest line.

    27:52 – Fun little detail here is that Paladin players may recognize what Arenvald is doing here. His animation is the same as Passage of Arms, just without the big wing effects, which creates a cone of damage reduction behind the player. You can tell he's not just raising his shield by the fact that at 27:55 he has his sword planted behind him, which is part of Passage of Arms.

    30:15 – Playfriends, welcome to the first solo duty I had to tune down from Normal. Not because of the fighting part, it's the intercepting spheres bit. I'm just not that nimble. This is the first, and maybe only, time that enthrallment has been depicted as individual bursts, rather than a big wave. Any of the delegates being enthralled is a failure, and Arenvald is not controllable here, so you've got to try to stay on your toes and determine which ones he's got and which ones you're going to need to intercept. I think that Durmin technically has an advantage here, as Ninja is actually faster on movement than other jobs, barring dash abilities.

    32:50 – Oh boy, I'm glad reinforcements have-FORDOLA!? Lyse has determined that a Resonant might as well be as good as an Echo, and she needs all the help she can get right now.

    33:33 – Here we can see some limitations of the NPC systems in combat, and we'll be seeing more of this type of behavior in the future. Fordola is programmed to head to the east side of the battlefield. It doesn't matter that Durmin was already there, and that all three of them were safe already, Arenvald and Fordola will go to their pre-programmed spots, and players have to adjust. As Duty Support is now in all MSQ required dungeons, this kind of behavior is something that people have to keep an eye out for.

    34:17 – I have no idea what this ability is. Some kind of bind that works on Primals? I don't think Paladins have this, and Durmin's never shown off this ability before.

    38:43 – FF7 fans the animation is different, but this is still Final Heaven. We've been watching Lyse use this Limit Break since back in ARR.

    40:42 – I love this juxtaposition with Zenos. Everything Fordola's done has been for a stronger Ala Mhigo. It's just that she thought the only way for there to be a stronger Ala Mhigo is to be a strong vassal to the Garlean Empire. But now that she's been proven wrong, Fordola won't see this new Ala Mhigo turned into a Primal's fiefdom.

    43:15 – Not forgiven. Not forgotten. But thanked. And now that the crisis is over, what will Fordola do with her days. She chose life, but what will she fill that life with? What will the new Ala Mhigan Republic let her do? What will the citizens let her do?

    47:40 – This is one of those cutscenes that won't fall victim to Durmin's bad weather, since the background is fixed at night and clear. Dan makes a good point here, we've recently learned that most cutscenes are generally blocked for a Hyur, and then adjusted for height. Lalafell require their own special adjustments, and if you're accustomed to other versions of these cutscenes, you can see the little camera angle differences that had to occur.

    49:15 – Nanamo knows Raubahn is being torn between his heart and his duty. She also knows that he'll pick duty if she lets him. This cutscene is shows off the excellent combination of cinematography, animation, writing, and voice acting that tugs at heartstrings and becomes the new standard. To summarize this scene: "You are my oldest friend, my protector, my mentor. I owe you a debt that can never be repaid. I want only the best for you. You're Fired."

    55:45 – "Lyse, I seem to be unemployed at the moment, would you happen to be needing help? "I dunno, can you pass a background check?"

    To ensure there is clarity, Raubahn is not the new head of state for Ala Mhigo. His rank of General is transferred to the highest rank in use in Ala Mhigo, Commander. Durmin doesn't out rank him, being only a 2nd Lieutenant, but he doesn't have to salute Raubahn anymore.

    1:03:11 – Let it be known that Gosetsu is better at making rafts than the Destiny Islands kids or Kassandra.

    1:06:00 – The Empire believes that Zenos still lives. But how can they be this deluded?

    Next time: It's back to the Far East. Ala Mhigo isn't the only place needing rebuilding.

  5. Aww, I teared up at the goodbye between Nanamo and Raubahn. Surely they can take the time to visit each other once in a while, right?
    And omg Nanamo laughing and teasing people, I love her more and more as time goes on! She's developing in a great and fun character.

  6. I might be late to the party with this revelation but has anyone else observed the recurring motif of greenhorn female leaders being idealistic and getting humbled by their setbacks. Setbacks that don't warrant the weight they are placed under by the characters or the narrative. These setbacks used as a lesson to mature the female leader. Whereas on the other hand, male leaders need only be persuaded to give up their independence and embrace their leadership roles. When the male is finally persuaded to take the position, he is ready to govern right away and doesn't require the same performative subordination—rather, he is a natural fit for the role. Yeah sure, maybe there will be a faux modest "I'll do my best" or a "This will be difficult" from the male leader, but their capacity to rule is assumed. Never undermined or challenged, at least not to my memory, not as it is with the fledgling female leaders. It seems to me that the devs are saying boys are born leaders while girls are not gifted in the same way, and that girls should be guided as they do not know better. There is an underestimation or an overestimation going on here somewhere.

  7. 0:45 There is no explaining math. it just is.
    12:40 #1. Just take em out back and be done with it.
    13:01 That's the whole reason, imo. Those people they deceived and slaughtered will get no day in court, and their lives are lost. Execution is a mercy by comparison.
    15:24 This guy gets it. Keeping your word is one of the best things you can do.
    17:52 Then what's with all the drawn steel?
    25:27 Alphinaud nerding slightly quietly.
    26:18 Well, it was worth a shot.
    29:36 I wanted to portmanteau "Echo Bros", but it just sounds weird and slightly gross to say "ech-bros"
    31:12 Oh, I love this tune.
    33:03 That sure was a decision.
    41:10 I'm glad she came around. Yotsuyu next?
    44:09 Options were extremely limited. It's kind of a shame she has the artificial Echo now… it's even more personal than her father's death, because she's got to reconcile all her previous convictions with the reality of people who lived through her treachery.
    46:12 "Never" is a long time.
    48:54 "Well below the height of the average player character" is one way to say "he's shin height".
    49:26 I'm sorry, what?
    55:25 I love how it takes a second for them to realise what was just said.
    58:37 It does still look weird to me how small Tizona is…
    1:03:22 Gosetsu, you're turning into Jack Sparrow with all these deaths and raft events.
    1:03:45 I love seeing Yotsuyu smile over something like dango. She's also so much cuter now.


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