Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – #32 – Sophia

Hold on to something, because the floor is feeling tipsy.

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0:00 – Introduction

0:46 – QUEST: “The Fate of Stars”

28:26 – QUEST: “Balance Unto All”

35:19 – TRIAL: Containment Bay P1T6

42:42 – QUEST: “Balance Unto All” (continued)

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Edited by Daniel Floyd

♫ “Pray Return” by Chris Logsdon

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27 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – #32 – Sophia”

  1. I just want to take this moment, has random as it may seem, to say thank you to Dan and the other members of the DTC for all the awesome raid content we've been getting; as someone who doesn't have the means to play ff14, watching you guys go through it is very entertaining and I just want to thank you for all the joy you've brought me

  2. The weird thing is that Azys Lla isn't all that far away from the solar of the Rising Stones- it's in the Heavensward zones, after all, and that's basically right next door.

    However, it IS still five zone transitions, by my count. I fly that all the time, it's cheaper, but I've got to think it wouldn't make for great video.

  3. The game has been steadily adding the ability to play dungeons solo with a band of NPCs
    In HW you even get story characters and some flavor during fights
    So new players can experience Ysayle tanking for Estinien 😛

  4. Just how most things are a journey into somewhere but after the raid/trial it's always "lets head back far away from this place that was so dangerous to get to to regroup… and we'll have to do a lot of travelling just to get back there if we have more to do!"

  5. I'm in this one! Was an absolute pleasure to join for this fight (it's my favourite of the three, too), and I'm more than happy to shower you with champagne any time.

  6. Uh more lyrics and this time its one of my favorites "Equilibrium" I'll explain the implications of the lyrics below! But I'll say, they are ROUGH

    So… Content Warning

    The sigh of the shifting sea
    The kiss of the salt-sweet breeze
    The white of her silken dress stained in red
    A memory fading fast,
    Her mother sits, eyes downcast
    A torn uniform in hand, farewells unsaid
    That once a certainty, lost in grief
    A daughter's desperate cries, unheard pleas
    Forsaken, beaten, tried, on her knees
    A prayer passes from her lips
    Into her soul the Goddess whispers:
    "A heartbeat without harmony
    Is moonlight without dark
    The heart seeketh equilibrium
    With balance will your worry part,
    "So still this broken melody
    And therewith shoulder thee
    One last step only leaving
    An empty hearth down by the sea
    An empty hearth down by the sea"

    Now to explain and DEFINITELY CW: Abuse and self termination.

    The lyrics tell the tale of a Meracydian girl while her continent was at war with the Allagans.

    Her father died in the war "a torn uniform in hand, farewells unsaid" and her mother in grief becomes abusive.

    So this girl she prays and Sophia the goddes answers. A heartbeat without its harmony is unbalanced. To restore the balance the girl has to stop the beating heart of her mother.

    And since (as she says in her fight) sin balances with suffering, she should punish herself for that murder. So, she must take that one last step, leaving an empty hearth by the sea.

    Apparently Koji wrote this song in a hury on a train, and it shows because I wish it was longer, but other than that I think its great! If a very depressing subject matter

  7. Sophia's song "Equilibrium" is generally considered one of the best primal songs in the game, and what makes that funny is that Koji Fox loves to discuss that he speed wrote those lyrics in about 2 hours. I also generally have not brought this up until now but my personal way to look at songs with lyrics in this game is like one would a musical. They are an expression of character and emotion spilling out into the fight. So when you are grooving to the music of a fight, even when it is a reference song, its worth considering how the devs have interwoven all the story aspects to express character.

  8. Time for Sophia's creation myth, since The Goddess is the second of the Warring Triad Durmin has to face.

    "Summoned by the diverse peoples of an ancient Meracydian nation, Sophia was revered simply as the "Goddess". An entity of enlightenment, legends tell that she brought together tribes of disparate form by imbuing their souls with a transcendent understanding of balance and harmony. Sophia is beloved for her boundless compassion, yet also feared for the merciless retribution visited upon those who would dare upset the perfect equilibrium of her scales."

    Her unique theme is "Equilibrium", a song said to be composed in a rush by Masayoshi Soken. At times, full transliteration of songs are posted by the team, and the one for Equilibrium had the true meaning of its lyrics revealed… though given that the song's meaning is not a pleasant subject, i'll pass over it. It features a family torn apart by war, though.

    Funnily enough, the Goddess is voiced by Cindy Robinson, who also voiced Kan-E-Senna… in A Realm Reborn. This implies that an American cast might be used if we ever meet a Meracydian character in the MSQ.

  9. 2:52 It occurs: did Sephirot ever, during the boss fight, direct his abilities to generate life and growth onto the players? Picture, if you will, an invading army bent upon the capture of the monstrosity, and then all of them sprouting cancers and vestigial limbs and other Cronenbergian ailments. I can see why Allag wanted him bound – and might have deemed it impractical to see him dead.

  10. Ah Sophia, in all of her terrible magnificence. Honestly I find her a fascinating antagonist, only tantalizing hinted towards. There is something deeply unsettling of a cosmic entity who is so fixated at bringing true equality, that they are willing to leave a bloody and desolate land in their wake.

  11. 6:04 Unless the two aims are one and the same. Does the Legatus have secrets that you'd like safeguarded, "Unukalhai"?
    19:24 Is that a qualm of conscience I detect?
    20:25 Somebody doesn't like how attached he's getting to our group~!
    24:13 It was a bit obvious. Thank you for admitting it with dignity, and before someone got irrevocably hurt.
    26:58 You know, for a second there, I thought you might be hiding a third eye under that mask of yours.
    41:44 I did consider that, given the "Balance" theming that Sophia has, it would be interesting to have the arena actively tilt depending on how many entities were in each half of the arena. Or maybe have the weighting thing be a bit more unfair in how quickly she can pull it out, as a way to punish poor positioning.
    51:45 Has it occurred to you, Unukalhai, that you might not nearly be as subtle as you think you are?

  12. Time for more FF6 references, Playfriends! The Garleans are here, and so it is your spoiler free lore comment.

    In the solo instance, you'll notice that Krile & Y'shtola use Conjurer animations, Urianger uses Arcanist animations (complete with a summon), and Unukalhai uses thaumaturge animations. I'd like to remind everyone that Regula van Hydrus, Legatus of the 6th Legion, is Garlean, and cannot manipulate aether. And yet, he's able to to make X shaped sword slashes, and produce a flaming tiger. Some of this is magitek, and some of this is "this looks totally cool!".

    17:40 – Oh, the White Raven uses he/him pronouns again? Nael van Darnus continues to confound me!

    21:45 – Man, Thancred may have the Archon degree in espionage, but Urianger knows how to read someone for counter-espionage.

    So, we've got the reveal, Unukalhai is not from this star, or world. He seeks to prevent the destruction that befell his world from befalling another. His ability to come to our world is an unknown. Is it related to his possession of The Echo?

    Going by "Goddess" in FF6, Sophia is based on the ancient Greek word for "wisdom". The FF6 incarnation had a type of Medusa head, and used zombie attacks. The boss Yunalesca from FFX also shares some similarities to Sophia/Goddess in pose and the Medusa qualities.

  13. This fight’s extreme is one of my favourites to solo unsync, since most of the danger is in knockbacks and thus, instant death. Plus, the music and visuals are super cool!


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