FFXIV Writing- Why I think Ilberd was an Idiot

For those wondering, YES, this is an oversimplification for comedic affect. But I still got my point across. I wanted to try something funnier this time, let me know what you think! I’m still working on bigger videos in the back ground, seeing what may or may not get the wider FFXIV community’s attention. But until then I’m just messing around and having a great time! By extension, I hope you’re enjoying my content as well. Take care of yourselves for me!

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33 thoughts on “FFXIV Writing- Why I think Ilberd was an Idiot”

  1. Ilbert's major sin has ever been his impatience and his resolve to do whatever it took to save Ala Mhigo even if it must rebuild from the ashes to do so. His goal is perfectly represented by the title of the expansion a literal Storm of Blood to bring about a strong tide capable of upsetting the current balance of power no matter how many innocents drown in the rampant blood that the storm will no doubt bring with it…

  2. I can’t stand Revolutionaries like Illberd.

    So desperate to end the status quo and yet you offered nothing better or mutually beneficial for all parties.

    All I see is a neurotic man-child with such a deep-seeded desire for wanton destruction in his eyes, he’s latched onto an excuse to kill people.

    To make it worse we’ve got apologist who mentioned how he lost his wife and child during the calamity and try to use that as an excuse to justify his psychopathy.

  3. I’m not saying his plan was smart, but if he didn’t kickstart things the way he did, the likelihood that black rose development would have been fully completed is highly likely.

  4. I never saw him as smart but ilberd but somone he was desperate and wanted to drag everyone who didn't care about his people into said problem no matter what

  5. Wait people thought Ilberd was smart!? All I remember him for was saying “sloppy!” And “I’ll tear you limb from limb” in a Yorkshire accent.

  6. Wow. Yeah, the Ilberd thing wasn't surprising, but outside the Monk story line I didn't know much about Ala Mhigo. With the way the Ala mhigans go on about it I assumed they had some vibrant rich history….but holy shit. What a shitbag nation. Maybe Lyze will whip them back into shape.

  7. i watched a really good video on stormblood recently and it put it this way- that ilberd had lost so much faith in his people that he wanted "an ala mhigo without ala mhigans." and i think that's really the heart of what's wrong with ilberd. he doesn't care about the people of ala mhigo at all anymore, he doesn't care about ANYTHING anymore, really, because the primal he summoned likely would destroyed ala mhigo ( the place ) if it got to wreak havoc. so while you brought up all those points abt ala mhigan history, i don't think ilberd gave a damn about it all in the end. not the people, not the place- maybe just the vague idea of ala mhigo was all he cared about.

    however, i do think the way that people hate on him while giving other villians who have done comparable things a pass is… suspicious, to say the least. ( you can see this same phenomenon with hermes and he's a million times more sympathetic than most of the villains )

  8. I liked Ilberd. I obviously completely agree with everything you said – he's a moron. But there are a lot of people in the real world and in fiction who move the world despite their stupidity. Ilberd's actions throughout the story are short-sighted, but dramatic. Wheels are in motion, sure, but his actions helped push those wheels just that much faster.

  9. 4:04 if any of yall are having trouble picturing this. Imagine Ala Mhigo has a road that is used very often to deliver a resource, and the people of Ala Mhigo put in a few toll booths that they can charge to get all the money they like/need. That's fair, after all it is THEIR road. Ilsabard and thavnair are the factories that all those deliveries come from and they control which road is used to deliver their products and they pay any toll booths on route to where they are delivering to. Ul'dah put in a few roads all for themselfs, ones with a smaller more reasonable toll booths directly to the many Eorzean markets. So Ilsabard and thavnair naturally want to use the cheaper road, so they start using Ul'dah's road and stop using Ala Mhigo's. Ala Mhigo thought no one would ever be able to put in another road so they never bothered to make any factories of their own with which to make money like the rest of the world. They put all their eggs in that one basket of a road. So when Ul'dah did put in a new road Ala Mhigo went bankrupt basically cause no one wanted to use their road.

    It's a bit more complicated. The actually terms for the tolls and the booths are different. But that's the gist.

  10. For god's sake, the dude's methods nearly shot the entire movement in the foot. His willingness to sac people to a hateful dragon made ala mhigans incredibly fearful of joining an obviously zealous movement, potentially stifling the resistance's ability to recruit. Furthermore, after the first assault,m Zenos, who am smart, came in and nearly did in the entire resistance.

    Literally if it was not for the WoL and the genius idea to liberate Doma first, Ilberd's stupidity would've not only resulted in a still subjugated Ala Mhigo, but also a still subjugated Othard AND a potentially completely destroyed Eorzean Alliance. This dude is LUCKY is what he is. Lucky that someone with actual skills and reasoning ability headed the resistance after he nearly fucked it all to kingdom come.

    Fuck this guy, when Papalymo nuked him in the Aetherial Sea I laughed.

  11. Ilberd was a fucking maniac who could've DESTROYED HIS OWN COUNTRY if his plan backfired on even one step.

    AND IT DID. SEVERAL PARTS OF HIS PLAN FAILED INARGUABLY. He bumbled into the WoL storming into stopping his own short-sighted idiocy from accidentally dropping fucking Shinryu on his own people, and God forbid Thanalan as well.

    He "got what he wanted" in that, sure, technically, the Empire got kicked out of Ala Mhigo… But the way in which it happened(an inevitability in all consideration) he got TONS of people needlessly killed and gave the world a NEAR MISS CALAMITY INCIDENT.


    Goodness! My friends act like I'm the crazy one when I state this take!

  12. I always thought the whole point of Ilberd's character was that he was a crazy jackass. Dude chose fuckin' Lolorito over his former friend Raubahn. Heck, really, the only reason Ala Mhigo ended up getting liberated was because good guys like Raubahn seized the disaster Ilberd created as an excuse to take the fight to and eventually liberate their homeleand from the Empire.

    Also, just as an aside, this is a very good video essay on the history of Ala Mhigo disguised as a video clowning on Ilberd.

  13. "That was the biggest export for the Garlean Empire! War! They mongered it!"

    Thank you for that laugh, I am currently painfully peeling myself up off the floor after that. XD

  14. I wouldnt call him an idiot but his arrogance and impatience really does undermine his intelligence. regardless of how well a tactician you may be, if you are quick to temper and rash of action, it wont amount to much.

  15. The economy of Ala Mhigo becomes even more preposterous when you remember that in pre-industrial societies water transportation was generally the way to go, especially for long-distance transportation. Part of this is speed (Rome could reach Carthage by boat faster than it could reach some other parts of Italy by land) and part of it is the fact that anything that transports goods overland will also need to carry enough food for the trip. At longer distances this quickly becomes unsustainable. Some estimates I have read suggest that river transport was 5 times cheaper than land transport, and sea transport was 20 times cheaper than land transport. Even if Ala Mhigo was not taxing the trade anyone seeking to optimize this transportation (meaning anyone remotely intelligent) would be trying to conduct trade by sea instead unless Ala Mhigo has some good trains or something.

  16. Ilberd for me, was always a maniac, a person that didn't think of others than himself, willing to risk all people around him. Just to prove he was right and get what he wants, even if his ways was not smartest. That his actions helped, was just stupid luck, and his actions was one simple word, sloppy

  17. I never once considered ilberd to be some kind of tactics master, even if others did
    He was blinded by revenge for ala mhigo and indecision by his brethren to the point of throwing the scions and even raubahn under the bus
    There's no way anyone sane would've assaulted the wall, most of the characters even call him out on it
    But the acquirement of the eyes plus probably growing desperation under his disguise as the Griffin with his rallies led to him doing what he did and forcing the hand of the alliance
    Quite literally in fact, using their uniforms to start a false flag and then bleed everyone out to summon shinryu with his death as the catalyst
    He was an absolute lunatic that lost himself along the way, but he got what he wanted, and raubahn finally had his reason to come home and fight

  18. A few points on why I feel you are incorrect here. One, you're ignoring the fact that Ilberd was one of the individuals who was fighting in the first revolution against King Theodric along with Raubhan. He knew and understood full well 'why' Ala'mhigo was in a poor state. He had fought for his entire adult life to free his homeland from a tyrant, and then saw it quickly overtaken and decimated by a force which was every bit as terrible. He then spent 'years' of his life, continuing the fight, only for it to grow weaker, and weaker and weaker with every passing day as his people grew used to the state of affairs and the leaders of the Eorzean alliance turned a blind eye to their suffering, as they all grew complacent as well. He believed in the dream of an Ala'mhigo that might have been formed after the revolution. Over time, after seeing disappointment after disappointment, after watching his cohorts from the first revolution abandon the cause to try and form a new life, he never was able to let it go.

    In essence, Ilberd was a tragic villain driven to madness by his failed hopes and aspirations. He knew full well what he was doing when he did what he did. He was bitter after years of constant war and failure, and the real tragedy of it all is that by the end I think he had finally given up, and simply wanted to kill as many people as he possibly could. I think this is really all summed up in his final speech.

    "How long have I struggled to reach this point. My countrymen so innured to the taste of defeat they no longer balk at its bitterness. Shouting my throat raw with rallying cries, only to be greeted with dull eyes and blank faces. My 'brothers and sisters in Uldah have surrendered to their apathy and their appatites. Were it not for the glint of Lolorito's coin I doubt even those here today would have answered my call."

    This is not a man who was an idiot. This is not a man who was a fool. This is a man who was angry at the entire world after feeling that his friends and comrades had abandoned the dream that they had fought for years to create, who felt abandoned by his friends (Think Raubhan), and who's rage had become a blistering inferno. He was simply someone who no longer cared about the consequences of his actions. He knew exactly what he was doing when he slaughtered those people. He didn't care about the consequences. His sole in summoning Shinryu was to destroy the Garleans, and what came after would come after.

    To state that he is an idiot, is to imply that he did not know exactly what his actions would cause. He was a sad. Bitter. Angry man. Who simply wanted to hurt as many people as he reasonably could. And you see that with what Shinryu actually became.

  19. I see this more as a sign of hilariously excellent foreshadowing than proof that Ilberd was playing such 4D chess that he planned everything down to the last detail, but it is WILD when he says he would "sooner cut off one of his arms… than betray a close friend"


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