FFXIV – What Do I think of UWU? – My First Ultimate Clear

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6 thoughts on “FFXIV – What Do I think of UWU? – My First Ultimate Clear”

  1. Thank you guys for being part of this journey. Here are my general thoughts on UWU after killing my 1st ultimate in just under a year of playing FFXIV, You can do it if you set your mind to it – UWU is a great ultimate to start with.

  2. True regarding the DPS check. This is the problem with old content. UWU was released in 2018.

    I rather developers spend time creating new ultimates rather than re-balancing old ones.

    UWU is also very easy relative to UCOB and TEA.

    EDIT: Just in case someone says what do I know? I'm a long time FFXIV player and I've cleared UWU, TEA. Currently working on DSR.

  3. I want the bow… … seriously, Bard may not be my main, but hell, I want the bow >.< Questions: how long does the fight take (on average), and how difficult is it compared to Asphodelos savage?

    One year already… I remember watching your reaction to Soken and Yoshi P on Fanfest a day or so after. My sentiment exacly πŸ™‚


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