FFXIV @Quazii thinks there is enough content? | Gaming Kinda

FFXIV @Quazii thinks there is enough content? | Gaming Kinda
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His post! @Quazii https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAdxrF_Z8Zg
Also. He is sick this week so be sure to go over to his twitter and wish him well.

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5 thoughts on “FFXIV @Quazii thinks there is enough content? | Gaming Kinda”

  1. Personally I believe there is more then enough content. Enough for me to have spent nearly 10 years playing the same game and still not have completed all of AAR collectibles, never mind the other expansions! True, I’ve been a bit busy all these years so I could only play casually, and knowing this, it’s safe to assume there’s enough content to last me another 10 years lol. 😆 Each player consumes game content at a different pace of course. 😋

  2. There're players who still don't understand Yoshi P and his stance that this game shouldn't be consuming people's lives, that they're supposed to take breaks, play other games, touch some grass.

    It's pretty unhealthy to want a game to be your job/life.

  3. One of the things I enjoy most about Final Fantasy is that to keep up gear on my main class is pretty easy. This allows me to do other things in the game. It also allows me to put a lot of time into other games. Right now, I'm logging in every day to do the Arkasadora tribal quests. I will not have to do this for months. I am also choosing to do it because I want the mount as fast as possible. If I miss a day, it might feel bad, but it's nothing that will put me permanently behind. Sometimes, I get really invested in one aspect of the game. I spent some time chocobo racing and breeding for a few weeks. Then, I really wanted to work some achievements, so I started gathering and crafting a lot of things. Some weeks I get super invested in the Marketboard and making gil through crafting. Sometimes I only log into ffxiv once or twice a week for long play sessions and instead play different games for a few weeks. I've been playing for years and I'm used to the patch cycle.

    I can't imagine only doing one type of content in this game. However, for people who only want to do one thing, I can understand that frustration. If you only want to do story, and you're caught up to end game, your choices are to play another game for story OR play New Game +. There will be things you understand way more now than you did in the past based on your current knowledge of lore and characters. Knowing the end of a character's journey makes the beginning even better for me. It's a lot since there's so much MSQ, but if you only want to play ffxiv story, doing it again on the same character is an option.

  4. I never thought about it like that. As someone who only did more challenging types of content in WoW, I opened my mind to what could be fun. Not everything thats a challenge is fun.

    I've probably opened gpose 5 times in 3k hours. Glam isn't really my thing outside of looking decent. No Limsa outfits for me!

    Ultimate is for a special type of player. It is for like 1% of the overall playerbase.

    Glam plates and dresser space needs a fundamental rework for those that love it and for new people to get into.

    P4S p2 act 4…still progging

    Dude, you live in the south and don't like sweet potatoes. Rough.

    Potd and hoh are very fun things to do. I can't wait for the next one in 6.3. Also Criterion dungeons.

    1000% value on that statement Chris. Retention mechanics work right until they don't. Then they usually force people far away.

    I've played over 3k hours and I probably will put in another 3k hours happily in the next year.

    The paint isn't free it costs like 40 bucks.

    Agreed. I don't do anything that looks like dailies from WoW.

    Whats that minion? I wanna own a housing district. Jk.

    I wish they upped the main tombstone during the .2 and .4 patches to 900. Just for gearing/I want more seals….

    14 is best mmo. Don't need to try anything else(sarcasm). I go and poke around every now and again in WoW and I've tried a few others as well.

    Not a fan of the TES combat. Haven't gotten far enough into GW2 to really say anything but I enjoy the combat. SWTOR is good narratively but the combat is dated even after the update. The game needs alot of tlc and a budget.

    We were the content Chris.🙂

    Its been an interesting time seeing him grow. I wanna say I found him through that first reaction.


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