FFXIV: Pole Dancing Housing Item!

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31 thoughts on “FFXIV: Pole Dancing Housing Item!”

  1. "Dragoons always wanted to be more exposed" LIES! they want armor with spikes! always MORE armor and MORE spikes!!
    Also Dragoon when they see a stick that reaches all the way to the roof …you son of a b****, I'm in.

  2. I know some people are probably disappointed, but I'm honestly ecstatic. Think of the possibilities. Jail bars, poles for hanging light fixtures, industrial styles support beams, wall detailing. It's a wonderfully flexible item (no pun intended) and having it be see through will help with people getting close to the item for gposing. Honestly it's exactly what I wanted.

  3. Decorating minded people will likely have some fun ideas, to at least get some use out of the pole. I can see people buying multiple of these.

    If only the number of housing slots would increase to allow for it.


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