FFXIV: New Viera & Hrothgar Hairstyles in 6.4

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36 thoughts on “FFXIV: New Viera & Hrothgar Hairstyles in 6.4”

  1. Getting closer and closer to fantasia-ing viera as a main as they add in more hair styles.

    Hair is so important to a character’s look and customization, I long for versatility

  2. FYI, the Modern Legend hairstyle is based on the Fighter sprite from the first Final Fantasy

    As for hairstyles….yeah, I think Hrothgar got the short end for this patch. It's nice we finally have Great Lengths, been wanting that on them for a long time but…yeah, was never a fan of those shorter hairstyles

  3. I'm sorry, but the Hrothgar will always look stupid with certain hairstyles, but obviously to those who enjoy playing as them with whatever hairstyle, don't let me discourage you, just an opinion 😛
    Some of the Viera ones added look nice, some not so much

  4. Actually, the modern legend hairstyle seems to be styled after classic NES and SNES FF sprite's hair from games like FF1 and 3's fighter and Knight, FF2's Firion, Bartz in FF5, and arguably FF4's Paladin Cecil

  5. SE adds more hairstyles as if they want viera to not use headgear because they too lazy to make headgear visually compatible, hell even new 6.4 headgear STILL ISNT VISUALLY COMPATIBLE! an viera been out for 2 years+

    every new piece of headgear should be visually compatible on all races for fack sake!

  6. The aesthetician does now work for Hroth hairstyles. For anyone else like me that didn’t know.
    You can’t see anything you don’t already have, and I can’t figure out how to see ones I’m missing with the retainer, but it is an option if you already had things unlocked.

  7. While I’m very happy we’re getting more hairstyles for the Viera/Hrothgar I’m disappointed that the Female Viera lost some of the movement of the hair on the longer hairstyles.. so odd.

  8. They shouldn't have introduced these races at all, if they can't even make fully functional 5.x / 6.x gearsets for them. It's been what, four years? A few hairstyles per year (from past expansions) is the absolute bare minimum effort.


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