FFXIV | New 6.4 Glamour sets and how to get them!

This video showcases new glamour sets that was added in FFXIV’s newest patch 6.4 – and showing how to get them. contains spoiler aswell with alert.

6.4 Content:
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00:00 – Island Resort Set (Female/With Dye/Male)
00:55 – Baronial Set (Female/With Dye/Male)
01:31 – Chrysanthemum Corsage
01:57 – Chocobo Pajama (Female/With Dye/Male)
02:37 – Cactuar Pajama (Female/With Dye/Male)
03:15 – Plain Pajama
03:51– ??? gear sets not yet announced (Female/With Dye/Male)

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26 thoughts on “FFXIV | New 6.4 Glamour sets and how to get them!”

  1. In the future would it be possible to showcase how outfits look on other body types? Cause for male au ra the hip size tends to warp a lot of outfits and they look completely different on them. I know same goes for hrothgars for a similar reason, theyre pretty barrel chested, and male roes and lalafells have totally different body types.

  2. I am so mad the steampunk outfit is locked behind IS. I havent touched the damn thing in months and never will again. Most boring boring and tedious thing I've ever seen in my life.

  3. Nearly fell out of my chair at the Iceheart set. Thought the devs forgot all about my babygirl Ysayle. My wallet is going to take a dent.


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