FFXIV: Making The Most of New Worlds – Part 2 – Fishing to 30 any faster?

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9 thoughts on “FFXIV: Making The Most of New Worlds – Part 2 – Fishing to 30 any faster?”

  1. 1-30 – just leveling MSQ and do 2 dungeons should hit level 30 without doing Tam-Tara Deepcroft.
    Like, you do Sastasha (first dungeon), level a bit more, unlock dungeon roulette, do dungeon roulette, and level 30 without 2nd or 3rd dungeon.

  2. Time investing wise, its the obvious fastest way to get to the level 30 mark.
    Since you won't have to waste any more time on said character than necessary.
    After unlocking fishing you only need to log into the character at said time once or twice. Had I known this sooner, I sure as hell would have just sat back and enjoyed some fishing time, instead of msq errand boy simulator. But to each their own.

  3. You can do just class quests to lvl10 as prerequisit and avoid msq when u can, I did few fates on the road and msq to point where I had to equip head/arms/armor etc.. then I bought 5 fishes for quest (cuz I had no time bcs of last boat was leaving).. then I took from my main char stacks of fishing baits. (I think only problem is there bcs of low gil) but it is possible to get lvl30 on second boat without getting so much baits from alt. on one run where I didnt took baits from alt I didnt used teleport except return. During waiting on next boat I just watched film or did something else offline. For spectral currents on first run I had 2 on first and 1 on second boat, second run was just 1-1 with no completed voyage quests.. cuz of RNG T.T

  4. Haven't tried, but have you considered fishing levequests?
    Start in Limsa and you can buy either Lominsan Anchovy or Finger Shrimp from Holasfhis for lev1 levequests, to at least lev10.
    Then buy Tiger Cod to turn in from there, though the levequest guy is in West La Noscea so might be quicker to finger shrimp all the way to 30.
    The cost of the fish is somewhat covered by the reward too.


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