FFXIV: Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXXII (82) Summary!

This is a summary of the multiple hour long Letter From The Producer Live number 82, airing live on the 14th of June 2024, a few weeks prior to the early access period of FFXIV Dawntrail.
It features much recap of previously known media, however multiple new gameplay elements.

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28 thoughts on “FFXIV: Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXXII (82) Summary!”

  1. I hope they add certain gear pieces for spectacles to that new feature from old gear options… for instance I really like the look of the Elegant Rimless Glasses, and I don't think I'll want to wear many other types of glasses besides those, so not having that be a part of the new way to wear spectacles will feel bad, especially with them seemingly trying to increase the amount of hats/helms Viera can wear… I feel like I'll still be left out from those options, because I will be forced to use to old method of glamouring my helm into glasses unless they update the old gear pieces to be part of it.

  2. Valigarmande from FF6 looks pretty dang cool, but I still have no idea how cyberpunk star wars land is going to be anything but immersion-obliterating…especially with a neon wrestling ring…which I guess doesn't matter since the story was thrown away already. Fun gameplay will be key and that's probably still gonna be very present.

  3. I was kinda hoping the new housing would be Solution 9-style. I'd love a neon house.

    Also, I hope one of the new wing-mounts is Diabolos because then that will be my default mount, since I love my Diabolos wings.


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