FFXIV: Fashion Accessories In Combat – 6.4

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25 thoughts on “FFXIV: Fashion Accessories In Combat – 6.4”

  1. You can turn off the bar switching in the same place where you can turn on/off the pet bar when you use mounts that have special animations. It's in the action bar options section in Character Configuration.

  2. While I welcome this development, I kind of fear for the future. I already see a ton of Characters with Horns, I expect many of them to add Wings then too. We'll be more Dragonflight than WoW, which would be really weird, don't you think?^^

  3. They need to rethink poly caps for 7.0… we need more cool shit, I want a cigar in my mouth on war or a straw on sam. They need to look at pso ngs or warframe etc. they need to add at least 3 accessory slots that you can use freely for cool shit from wings to cigars or sunglasses etc.

  4. Seeing that accessories stay on in combat…
    Ultimate question is will they stay on when selling stuff to vendor, using market board, retainer, aetheryte etc?
    Cuz before, the accessories disappear when interacting.

  5. I hope the next step is to add them to cutscenes, dungeons, raids etc. It will add a whole level of uniqueness to our characters. Maybe bring back the belt slot for fashion accessories so you can always have one equipped

  6. For anyone who needs it: System>Character Configuration>Hotbar Settings>all the way at the bottom of the Display tab. Uncheck that fashion accessory setting to stop the hotbar swapping 😊.

  7. Soooo is there anyway to disable it for you? tbh i am fearfull that at some point everyone will use big ol wings or other stuff that will interfere with aoe markers or just hindering your vision. Owerall it starts to look like any chineese mobile mmo with all those wings and stuff.

  8. Yeah I'd love to have this is duties as I like having my character with glasses but I also like some the hats so, having an option where you can have both the hat and glasses while in combat would be nice if possible in duties.

  9. As a player who's entire glamour identity and character roleplay matches having diabolos wings on this is the patch that makes me feel like "My character" the most.

  10. I'm so glad we're moving in this direction. I'm still holding out for a wheelchair or crutches at some point. Also, it's weird they added this functionality in a patch that only got umbrellas as new fashion accessories haha

  11. Personally, I want them to make the wings and spectacles into their own special windows attached to the equip window. Have a face spot for spectacles under head and a back spot for wings under body. This way, you could match things to glamour sets without navigating other windows or filling hotbars further.


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