FFXIV Endwalker – COMPLETE DARK KNIGHT Changes & New Skills

Start – 00:00
Changes From 5.0 – 00:39
New Skills – 01:44
Final Thoughts – 03:21

Endwalker Media Tour Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXkyq_yUMjI&list=PLNONxPk8TDQqRCAXswWPiuOiD2Zc02nbk

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25 thoughts on “FFXIV Endwalker – COMPLETE DARK KNIGHT Changes & New Skills”

  1. What kills me is that literally every other tank gets some sort of healing buff when using a shield whether it’s a cure or HoT. Drk has the least amount of self healing options. Salt and darkness putting a HoT on itself would have been great. Shrug.

  2. As a DRK Main. I just want to be able to do more. I love how my Job has felt over the expansions but its almost always the same thing. But maybe this is more of a problem with FF14 combat as a whole? Well RPR will be my second job so at least i can finally feel complete. EDIT: Just to be clear, I have never had a problem with how the Job works. I am not one of those people who wants to pretend i know how Game design works. I just want my favorite FF job to not be boring.

  3. dang he got a lot of dps skill but not a lot of self sustain healing … If they are to go that way at least make it the top damge dealing tank in the game … otherwise its quite disappointing. Its does make it strong against trash mobs . it 10 % shield with 2 charges could be way better compared to what the other tanks got . its will surely be fun to play but it does need more survivability

  4. I really do wish Blood Weapon would gain the FFXI ability to recover health on top of it restoring Mana, even if the potency is only something like 50 or 100, it'd be a massive boon to self-sustain for DRK which I've always felt was a little needed since they have practically nothing outside of spamming TBN

  5. Such a shame, DRK is fun but there's no "moment of glory" if you know what I mean. It always feels good to press Requiescat & Inner release but Blood weapon and Living shadow are just… meh. Press it and forget it…

  6. For the love of God if you are a DRK main abandon the job and force them to change it. We are getting shafted in self sustain, Potencies, overall defensive use (DM is still fucking only magical) , LD is still a fucking joke, seriously this wont change unless we send a message. I have had DRK as my main since 3.0 and its always the same bs. Play another tank and make a point.

    Edit: excuse my language I was a bit heated but i will leave it just to point out how infuriating this is.

  7. Former Drk main also, New skills are ok (except Oblation) but nothing that needed changing got changed (LD, BW, 123, leveling, etc.)

    What can we do to make the deaf devs listen? Drop Drk entirely after lvling until changes?
    Til then, maining Mnk again, which I'm excited about

  8. Its sad man. I've been a DRK main since 3.0. Only focused on playing it while dabbling with others but anytime i did anything seriously it was with DRK. Cleared all 3 Ultimates on DRK, did all raiding on DRK.
    I was hoping for so much more this expac, but it really feels like DRK got the barebones treatment. Getting only one actual move that just feels (and looks) almost exactly like one we already have. Bring power slash back, that animation was always dope. Give us a Dark Passenger as a finisher for Delirium or something.
    I decided that I will main Reaper this expansion, but second DRK 🙁

  9. i dont get how they work the spell/weaponskill ssytem. unmend is a spell hence why blood weapon says it recovers mana for each spell/weaponskill used. when you use unmend it doesnt interrupt combos even if its a spell. HOWEVER PLDs clemency is a spell yet that interrupts combos…

  10. The Delirium nerf is big for people who materia spec'd skill speed to pump out 5 Bloodspillers. Pretty disappointing overall. Nothing to address the total lack of self-heal, and some weird two charged 10% mitigation barrier, is just so weird. Like, why not make it a TBN skill at least? Man, nothing says "Hey maybe try another job" like these changes, and the lack thereof.

  11. Big Rip, I was holding out that they would go for a more function over style apporach to Drk and fix a lot of the issues with the current design. Despite all the claims that it is "diet War", i thought the foundation of the Job had potential with some major additions. However the Devs basically proved that the have no idea what to do with Drk or just flat out don't care. No Blood Weapon fix, no merging of skill speed and spell speed, Living fucking Dead still breaths after like 6 fucking years, The opener is still batshit insane while outside of it is pretty boring, No interaction with Living Shadow., the list goes on. I love Drk, it's what got me into tanking way back in Heavensward, but it seems the devs do not share the sentiment. Welp at least Reaper exists, GG Dark knight, I'll come back if they get around to fixing your issues. Also Enhance Unmend……sigh

  12. Paladin gets extra self-healing on top of its attack spells, and gives regens on Intervention, and gets a bonus heal on Divine Veil

    Warrior gets extra regen on its already fat chunky Equilibrium self-heal, and healing on top of Shake it Off to himself and others, and an extra special new Raw Intuition with self-heal bonus on subsequent attacks (and is now the gap closer king at 3 charges, no beast gauge cost anymore)

    Gunbreaker gets an extra special new Heart of Stone with an Excogitation heal built-in, and double Aurora

    And dark knight is ONCE AGAIN getting no HP sustain? Still just the same old flat Soul Eater? Okay then… Could have had some healing on its Delirum attacks or Blood Weapon or Salted Earth, or multiple Salt & Darkness pulses, or any number of different places/new skills. Instead it gets a couple of mini TBNs. Maybe they are trying to classify dark knight as a barrier tank as opposed to all the other tanks which have flat heals and regens? I'm glad Delirium is less spammy now, but I don't know… Dark knight still seems severely lacking in fun, depth, diversity, and self-sustain. I'm just gonna hope there is more in the works for dark knight and scholar that they just couldn't nail down on time and will be the immediate focus of 6.1


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