FFXIV Earnings Report & Housing Fixes Releasing Soon

Final Fantasy XIV housing fixes are getting ready to roll out to players, and we go over the Square-Enix Earnings report to highlight just how much money FFXIV and other games are doing.
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13 thoughts on “FFXIV Earnings Report & Housing Fixes Releasing Soon”

  1. Thoughts on the tail end of the discussion, to be honest the only two things I want kept out of the game are add-ons like deadly boss mod and recount from WoW, DBM because of what happened in wow (developers didn't bother making certain things obviously telegraphed and leaned on add-ons in design) and recount only because of what the competitive and toxic environment it fosters. Though a personal dps meter that displays only your results would be nice.

    Edit: also something that let's you replay positional encounter info similar to the tool in fflogs would be cool as a savage RL

  2. It makes sense to me, the game has actually been more profitable every year since 2015. So it's a trend of the game just getting more popular

  3. In short with regards to Final Fantasy XIV, it was successful, it is successful and is likely to remain successful. 😆 Ten years and counting. 😃 Here’s to 10 more! 👍🎉❤️
    As for the housing, I hope to try my luck at it once more when possible. 😋
    PS: My chocobo needs an onion but it’s price is higher then all the gil I have right now. Yikes! 😳

  4. Housing fix may start another bonfire, since it appears ppl who didn't get get a house plot they were the only bidder for may get them for free if they already took out their lottery gil when the system flopped last month.

  5. Guys thanks for another great informative video. Did I misunderstand? I thought of you won a house but had already got a refund, that if you win you have to pay for the house when claiming it. ? Is that not correct??

  6. As one of the Free Companies who bid on a house (only bid) and rolled 0 I am more than a little bit pissed about this. We left our money in and now we pay 50m and others pay nothing. Not a very equitable solution at all. I assume if SE intended to correct this it would already have been announced, so can only assume that we take the rough end of the pineapple on this.


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