FFXIV – 24 Player Alliance Raids Scare Me

Final Fantasy XIV 24 player raids scare me because I have no idea what’s happening and have a fear that I might single-handedly be the complete and utter downfall of the entire party. But I must conquer that fear!

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19 thoughts on “FFXIV – 24 Player Alliance Raids Scare Me”

  1. 6:30 You just have to turn your character, you were probably hit because of a latency issue with the snapshotting of the attack since the mechanic goes off the moment the bar goes full.

    In the case of 7:28, you turned your character as the mechanic went off.

    Takes a bit to get used to but you essentially need to look away only for the final moment.

  2. Tip if may. Go into your setting and turn practical affect off for others. You can set it to only show party members which might VISIUALLY help you see and understand things a bit better

  3. All lookaway mechanics are based on your character. Draw a line between the source of the eye to your character's center hitbox. If that line goes through the 45* frontal cone of your character's field of vision, then you get hit.

  4. Your video popped up randomly in my recommendations so I gave it a shot and really enjoyed watching this! You're doing amazing for someone who's still getting used to alliance raids, and Dun Scaith is definitely a hard alliance raid as everything hits super hard and the mechanics can be pretty unforgiving, but you did really well in the bits shown. I find a lot of the later alliance raids super fun even though they're challenging at first, but it's so satisfying to know it well.

    The problem with queue times that you face is that for tanks, it tends to take a really time to pop in general compared to healers or even dps since there are only 3 spots for tanks vs the healers 6 and the dps 15. Honestly, sometimes I'd rather not do alliance at all as a tank unless I'm queuing with a friend to mooch off their faster queue times.

    Look away mechanics are determined by the way your character is facing, so your actual camera can 100% be looking right at the boss as long as your character is not facing the boss. I'm not completely sure if you have, but i highly suggest going into your character settings and changing to legacy movement rather than character based so you don't have to do that awkward little u-turn to look away and you can just press the S key to turn around instantly. It's a little thing that no one ever mentions to new people but improves the quality of life so much.

    Cheers to your future adventures in XIV!! Good luck in getting your Anima weapon for DRK!

  5. Nice helmet! My favorite combined with Gordian Mail Plate of Fending, Replica High Allagan Gauntlets and Sabatons of Fending. Them dye them all the blackest of black. ( ^ω^)b

  6. Best way to get over any fear you have of something in this game is to just toss it out the window and go in Tanking, right off the bat. Just tell yourself "Screw it, I'm going to do this!" and then go for it. I used to have some anxiety towards all kinds of content regardless of job, but I decided to just ignore that part of my brain and since then, I've managed to pretty much drop the fear. The only path to mastery lies through trial and error. You are your own worst critic, and the key is to shut out that apprehension and move forward.

  7. One great thing about the FFXIV Community is, you don't have to be scared in 24 man dungeons as a newbie. Most People are really patient with new Players, especially in older 24 man content. Some newer stuff you may can run in some a-holes, but even that is more the exception than the norm.

  8. Im gonna give you some golden knowledge that will make a lot of things you do much less stressful. Not a lot of people remember what to do in a lot of content 😛 theres so many and you can't remember them all. savage and ultimate raiders die in normal content to the dumbest things all the time. ESPECIALLY dun scathe lol. I thought i had to lookup everything beforehand so i don't let people down since im a healer to, but eventually i realized its no big deal if i F up a good deal of things. and its incredibly rare people will get mad, especially if people know you're new.

  9. Most attack skills force your character to turn in the direction of their target, so experienced players play a game of chicken in how many attacks they can fit before they need to turn their character model away before they're snapshotted by the Gaze mechanic

  10. You're doing fine, don't worry so much! Your video raodnomly popped up in my recommendations and it was interesting to hear what you thought about these Alliance raids as a newer player! They are designed so that you get a lots of vuln up stacks or just die to some mechanics. But the fun for me in them is, that tehy are very forgiving and a fuck up will give you a learning moment without the cost of potentially letting your team wipe.
    Just keep playing and enjoying! The only nitpicky thing I might add is that you could try not to move too much if you are the main tank. It can be very frustrating to do your positionals as a melee if the boss moves a lot. The less boss movement, the better the tank in FF basically.
    Keep having fun with the game and these raids!

    PS: I saw nobody mention it yet. The marker at the 8 Minute mark we call an Earth Shaker. Its basically a line AOE from the boss' position towards you. Everyone inbetween will get hit by it. As long 2 Earth Shakers don't overlap on that bopss, its not reallly an important mechanic here. They do appear at some bosses here and there, but aren't really that common compared to other markers in the game

  11. I will also say that…honestly i think the alliance raids become mechanically easier as time goes on.
    I still don't know half the mechanics for crystal tower since they are skippable
    and i do the HW raids so rarely that i forget they exist sometimes
    stormblood i'd say are the most punishing ones
    and the shadowbringers and ew ones are actually fairly simple


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