Don't Skip These Dungeons | Heavensward FFXIV

The “Hard” and Optional Dungeons of Heavensward! Don’t neglect your blue quests!

Want to make your own Wall of Heavenward Dungeons? Find the assets in our announcement channel on the discord!

0:00 – Wall of Dungeons Returns
1:48 – The Dusk Vigil
8:48 – Neverreap
11:37 – The Fractal Continuum
15:20 – Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum
19:10 – Pharos Sirius (Hard)
22:53 – The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)
28:59 – Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)
34:31 – The Great Gubal Library (Hard)
38:26 – Sohm Al (Hard)
42:48 – Bonus Banger Round

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25 thoughts on “Don't Skip These Dungeons | Heavensward FFXIV”

  1. It's interesting to hear you guys talking about when you remember first seeing enemies with attacks with no aoe indicators. The first real instance of that used to be much earlier with Coincounter in Aurum Vale, which would just slaughter new players left and right and was supposed to be your first introduction to "you need to learn to watch the cast bars and look at the boss animations or you're gonna have a bad time". When they did the ARR MSQ rework to try and make it more streamlined for new players poor Coincounter got his club replaced with a nerf bat and they gave all of his abilities indicators. Which is probably for the best but it means you go a lot longer without being required to pick up those skills.

  2. This is first video of your channel that popped up in recommended for me, and past several hours I've spent binge-watching every episode, starting with "Recovering WoW Podcaster Tries Weeb Game" and it's been absolute blast. I love your energy, and perspective about different aspects of the story / this game in general. Still got like 15 episodes to get caught up! You guys are awesome, just wanted to say thank you for this content. Cant wait for your post-patch Stormblood adventures, as well as Shadowbringers+Endwalker of course. Maybe in the future would love to hear your thoughts about how this game does gathering/crafting, or maybe even look into some crazy stuff ppl can do with house designs.

  3. Gowrow is just Final Fantasy XIV's Version of Monster Hunters Deviljho and I love it.
    If you don't know what a Deviljho is, look up a video, it will be worth your time

  4. I love Hullbreaker Hard thematically.

    The Sanguine Sirens for the first boss, the Kraken’s Arms throwing exotic beasts at us for the second, and Maelstrom Command finishing it up.

    And to cap it off, the original venture into Hullbreaker Normal was in search of Mistbeard’s treasure. To finally confirm who Mistbeard is and to cross blades with him was really exciting as someone that started in Limsa.

  5. Ultimately, it's going to come down to: can I do this dungeon again without wanting to flop over and groan in sadness. Enjoy the ones you like while you can. They may not be so favored after doing them so. Many. Times. Over and over. Granted in the cases of people who are traversing slowly, that might take a while, but oh, it comes. To date there's only one dungeon in the last seven and a half years that I'm even vaguely pumped to find myself unexpectedly yeeted into, and only because the music is the absolute bangiest banger, and it came out in shadowbringers.

  6. Dusk Vigil: when I have to run a 51-59 dungeon for Wondrous Tails.. always Dusk Vigil. It’s such a fun dungeon to run, and If I run it solo, I take my time. It’s a great dungeon! The atmosphere is amazing.

  7. What I always loved about Gowlrow is just how much it looks like the Deviljho from Monster Hunter. It's a spot on match, from the pickle body shape to the red glow when enraged!

  8. Brings me peace that the Great Gubal Libraries were the top dungeons. One of my personal favorites was Lost City of Adampor tho. I love the vibe of it so much and the bosses were really dope to me. Plus the music happens to be some of my favorite. I would like to fight yall on Hullbreaker Isle. I love big monkees so already gunna have to disagree with yall. I also like that this dungeon is literally just for the fun of it. Other dungeons you run out of necessity, or bc there are dangerous creatures disturbing the peace, or for some grim reason. However Hullbreaker Isle is fun bc it's litereally just a contest to see who is stronger, the WoL or the Might of the Maelstrom. Also I thought the Mistbeard fight was so dope

  9. On the note of St. Mocianne's… I hadn't cleared this until recently. And then I was building an FC room for my bunny boi, and I wanted to make a "cave-y" like design. To do what I wanted, I needed verdant partitions – which drop from St. Mocianne's hard. But to unlock the hard mode I had to do the normal. I zoned in – and IMMEDIATELY fell in love. The music alone was the thing that kept me coming back. I NEEDED the orchestrion roll. And now I go back and unsync it when I need GC turn ins for seals. Just because it's SO. NICE. And I am also considering going back with exploration mode for some screenshots.

  10. Since you briefly touched on community perception while you were going through St. Mocianne's, I'll just pitch in here: I Do think a fair chunk of the community, particularly the crowd that have been around since ARR or 3.0 probably have a rose-tinted soft-spot for Fractal Continuum (not to say that it isn't an absolute beast of a dungeon, because it totally is). The reason being that Fractal Continuum was basically the dungeon you wanted to end up in when you were sitting at the end of 3.0, just got done handing Thordan his ass, and were waiting for the first patch to drop. Compared to the other 'post-MSQ' dungeon that you could end up in while you were getting in your weekly capped tomestones, Fractal Continuum had sweet vibes, jammin' tunes, and was actually relatively cozy to wall-to-wall pull in — and this was at a time when wall-to-walling was still considered pretty ballsy and you were a badass tank with a badass healer if you could pull it off. If you had a fairly competent party tossed together in your roulette, you could seriously be in and out in like 10 minutes, easy money tomestones.

    Especially if you stack it up against its direct comparison at the time, Wanderer's Palace and Amdapor Keep from the end of ARR 2.0 before patch content, Fractal Continuum absolutely slapped in terms of chill farming vibes.

  11. Fun fact that I'm not sure many people may know (forgive me if I'm wrong with that), but when you run into Gremlins as an enemy type they can cast a debuff on a player that cannot be removed by Esuna (and no white bar above the icon to indicate it can be removed). BUT if you are in melee range of a party member that has that debuff on you can actually remove it by using the /comfort emote on them (I think /soothe also works but not positive). Sadly you can't remove it from yourself, but anyone can remove that debuff from someone else by simply using an in-game emote to show them support and that you are there for them to bring their spirit back up. Very clever and simple world-building that I never hear anyone talking about.

  12. This is such a unique thing that you guys do and looking back at the dungeons. Good arguments both for and against. Looking forward to the Stormblood one after the patches.

  13. Technically, Lost City Hard, you're going deeper into the city-state of Amdipor. So the original, you're in the outskirts of the city and in hard more you're deeper in. Since we'll Diablos was unable to go further into the city.

  14. I'm so vindicated by neverreap in "maybe not the best."
    When that dungeon was available on farm versus fractal continuum, that context made me DESPISE it with the core of my very being. The bird vanishing into the fog to waste time? The totems making the birdman invincible to waste time? The final boss going dodgy-invulnerable and running around the arena to waste time? The tornadoes that spawn everywhere over the dungeon and launch you into the air for 4 seconds to waste time? God, what an insufferable place. That dungeon is actually the worst repeatable experience in this game, if you asked me. PS: I swear those nados are specifically coded to follow me. In particular.


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