Asmongold Reacts to The Original FFXIV Intro Cutscene (Ul'Dah 1.0)

Asmongold can’t believe the original Final Fantasy 14 (1.0) intro cutscene for Ul’Dah, a young minfilia and a Thancred as pimped out as ever…


FFXIV 1.0 Ul’Dah Intro (2010) 0:00
FFXIV: ARR New Ul’Dah Intro (2013) 9:32

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46 thoughts on “Asmongold Reacts to The Original FFXIV Intro Cutscene (Ul'Dah 1.0)”

  1. Honestly I always think 1.0 cutscenes look really good, the camera movement is still cooler than a lot current stuff. The light and shadow also looks way better.

  2. 1.0's cutscenes, from the ones that I've seen, are actually pretty well shot. But the gameplay and framerates were awful. If that's the tradeoff we had to make for the game we have now, I'm happy with that.

  3. I have been really enjoying seeing Asmon, Rich, and so many others break free from their Stockholm syndrome and quit WoW and start to play the many many better MMORPGS on the market.

  4. The cutscene lagged because no one back then had a PC capable of running this game well. The cutscene actually looks better than ARR to be honest. One thing I really liked about 1.0 is the world felt like it was big. In ARR everywhere you go feels tiny and cluttered.

  5. Ah i miss that target sound! The nostalgia… sh-het man! As bad as the copy and pasted world was, the sheer size was cool, but like one huge ass dungeon since you could really only explore the deepest parts with a coordinated party. It had it’s charm, tbh it was simply an entirely different game with the same name.


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