10 Most Epic Gunbreaker Weapons – And How To Get Them in FFXIV

What are your favourite Gunblades?
The Classical Ones or do you favor the Edge?

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Nobuo Uematsu – Balamb Garden (FF8)
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20 thoughts on “10 Most Epic Gunbreaker Weapons – And How To Get Them in FFXIV”

  1. my personal favorite is the Tropaios one (from CC trophy), it goes really well with my alexander-ronkan minimalistic glow glam. it doesn't take too much attention but it looks really good nonetheless

  2. As soon as the Gunblade of the Round came out I got it immediately. FF8 is one of my favorite games and this weapon is the closest I've seen in 14 that resembles the og Lionheart. Haven't taken it off since.

  3. Honestly surprised none of the Eden raid gunblades made even the honorable mentions. I've always found myself rotating between those three since they're all unique and work for a ton of different glams

  4. The relic Gunblades from Bozja are all awesome. But that’s the land from which Gunblades originate, right? So that makes sense.

    I think the Deepshadow Manatrigger is great for a dark themed glam. Shout out to the Dwarven Mythril Manatrigger for that unique color and shape. It is a little bulky, but it works with the right armor.

  5. The ShB relics all the same problem for me after seeing the Lance: the flames were all unrefined. The Lance looks like Gerolt knows what he wants the finished product to look like the others seem like he's going with the flow. The quest line involves making some sealant so I always see the flames as leaking aether and with everyone but the lance.


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