🔴FFXIV Endwalker Post Story Dungeon Unlocks | SPOILERS

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Main Story (MSQ) Playthrough for the first time.
Over 12 years of history with this game and it all comes down to Endwalker. This livestream will feature full cut scenes and dialog – Watch with Chris: https://twitch.tv/work2game

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Endwalker Dungeons


1 thought on “🔴FFXIV Endwalker Post Story Dungeon Unlocks | SPOILERS”

  1. yeah now with the "Grand Company of Eorzea" they can like manage themselves which gives us licens to roam around so we are essentially uncaged as you said. So I'm excited with the endless possibilities 🙂 The only thing I'm apprehensive about future expansions though is the fact that they could turn episodic. I mean there's nothing wrong with that but I would really miss the "oh sh#@" moments where some scene you see in 9.0 ties into something from 4.0 or something like that….ya know? I like it when it overarches rather than self-contains.


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