Yoshi-P on PVP in FFXIV – Yeah, BLM is getting NERFED

Yeah black mage is insane right now to say the least and Yoshi-P himself has taken to releasing an official statement about black mage and the state of crystalline conflict and frontlines pvp game modes in FFXIV and what plans are going forward.

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Original Article: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/1635493585d8e0c614b338bc70ac1af14c1e3107

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0:00 Yoshi P comments on pvp balance adjustments
0:37 PvP Balance hotfix JUNE 7th!
1:04 Crystalline Conflict Balance Changes Details and Schedule
2:19 Job Win Rates
3:54 Job Pick Rates
5:22 Job Balance Change Schedule
6:59 Black Mage in PvP lol
9:45 Frontline balance changes
11:35 thoughts on pvp


12 thoughts on “Yoshi-P on PVP in FFXIV – Yeah, BLM is getting NERFED”

  1. Meanwhile DNC’s LB is still a final sting of death due to excessive animation lock… and with high ping especially, it’s nearly impossible to get a second skill of in the 2 second window. So a 2 second aoe stun that might kill you as your ult, on a job that plays like exactly the same kind of melee as ninja but none of the benefits. Meanwhile bard can cc a single target for 4 seconds on a very short cooldown while not even having to be in range of melees, WAR has an aoe stun on an incredibly short cooldown, RDM has aoe silence or stun on a short cooldown, and WHM’s LB is also an aoe stun but doesn’t make them vulnerable and instead adds tons of increased protection. How can this possibly be argued to be balanced?

    The problem with looking at winrate and usage is that people will still play jobs they love even if they’re massively underperforming, and because this is a team game involving strategy you can absolutely still win if your teammates are good. You’ll just have to work way harder to make your job not a liability than you would on others. If the devs don’t just testing it out for themselves, it would be better to take a massive sample set of players who actively play PvP ranked and see what the winrate is for each of the jobs that that each individual plays.

  2. When I think of PVP classes who need to be nerfed, BLM isnt what comes to mind. WHM and WAR do. When you consistently see one healing job out-DPS-ing and outhealing the other healing jobs  even when everyone is a  talented player, you have an issue. SE has always had the hots for WHM so I know I am just shouting into the void, but cmon. I would also love it if they fixed purify.

  3. The thing about win rate is that often than not it’s more of a group effort than individual power, where even if you got all the strong jobs one dc would mean you are set to lose.

  4. People still forget that casting will be cancelled when target is away from range or hide behind an obstacle. Also casting is cancelled when target is moving to behind the caster with some distance and vice versa. BLM and SMN buff is actually not much considering this casting issue. For SMN, they only have bind as debuff and that is short duration. The real buff is when they get their dot back, like bio

  5. They may keep all the statistics, but to what use if they just boosted the crap of BLM, SMN and MCH while underrated jobs got whole bunch of nothing. Lmao, whoever designed this PvP managed to make the worst mode ever possible.


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