Xeno Reacts to ALL Physical and Magical Ranged DPS Changes and NEW Abilities in Dawntrail FFXIV

Xeno Reacts to all the changes and new abilities for ranged physical DPS and ranged magical DPS jobs coming to Final Fantasy 14 in the Dawntrail expansion. Yoshi-P made every defensive party buff stronger this expansions – raid bosses might hit harder too monkaS

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30 thoughts on “Xeno Reacts to ALL Physical and Magical Ranged DPS Changes and NEW Abilities in Dawntrail FFXIV”

  1. I stopped playing ages ago due to burnout but still love coming back and watching your vids to keep up with the game.
    Man my poor SMN is still dead, but cool new baha.

  2. They really messed up for the summoner. They could have added Leviathan, Ramuh, and Shiva as summons. Rotation being Bahamut -> Ifrit, Titan, Garuda. Then when using Phoenix -> Leviathan, Ramuh, Shiva. So based on Rotation, you would have access to 3 different summons with different attacks.

  3. For those wondering the BRD change is a godsend. There are so many instances of a boss disappearing from the map forcing downtime which really mess up BRDs song gauge cooldowns especially in ultimates.

  4. As someone who loves summoner in ff in general im astonished that they havent given us leviathan, shiva and ramuh yet. There several more summons they could give of course, theres just so much more if feel they can do with the class

  5. The BLM ice change is kinda irksome. It'll make dungeons more of a pain as you'll have to use ice spells at the start of many packs as you won't passively regain mana anymore. Or with transition phases in raids/trials that are too short for base regen.

  6. Summoner is genuinely the worst of the lot this time around. All people wanted was more complexity and Shiva/Ramuh/Leviathan – as well as Alexander Odin which quite frankly we should’ve all gotten much earlier. Instead they gave us utter garbage. Yoshi or whoever is responsible for turning SMN into Bahamut mage should be ashamed. And that’s why I refuse to play DT for the mess they made of my class not to mention the pointless beach episode story they’ve gone with.

  7. I know a lot of vocal SMNs are upset at a new Bahamut and not more primals as a summon ability, I don't see it as a problem. A new Bahamut makes sense. Bahamut is the symbol of the pinnacle of SMN's abilities. It's why they gain so many anyway and their limit break is Teraflare. A newer, stronger Bahamut proves the SMN's newer strength than another elder primal who only rivals it if not slightly beneath Bahamut. And the wind, earth and fire trinity seems to be the core of both SMN and Arcanist. I don't see that chaning because there's no reason to. I also don't think SMN has room for three more summons on top of Garuda, Titan and Ifrit. Because Solar Bahamut is only being worked into an already existing rotation of your super summons.

  8. Shadowbringers summoner is its best interation and I'm gonna die on that hill.

    For dawntrail I was expecting maybe the return of DoTs I know most people don't like it but I think it was very unique and satisfying to do dots and them spread them in an AoE and with endwalker new system and summons I think it would be cool to have DoTs back.

    Or then maybe at least do what everyone wanted or expected which was a bunch of new summons, maybe have them in ogcds between gdcs like shiva doing a big ice attack as ogcd. But yea, instead we got that ugly skinny-starving dragon which appears to work the exact same as bahamut and phoenix, it's beyond dissapointing.

    What they could do is maybe in Ifrit phase give you a shiva ogcd to use between Ifrit's gcds then youre using fire from Ifrit and Ice from Shiva, then on Garuda phase give you Ramuh ogcds so you're now using wind and thunder attacks, and then in Titan phase give you Odin ogcd so you would be using the raw power of Titan with clean cuts from Odin in between.

    But that's just a dream now, we summoners are stuck with this monstrosity of a rotation-and-summon for the end of our lives


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