Xeno Rates All Shadowbringers Raids – Eden Raids Tier List (Final Fantasy 14)

In this video Xeno goes over all Final Fantasy XIV savage raids from the Shadowbringers expansion and makes a tier list based on experience during prog (progression), raid mechanics, fun and farm.
Which is the best Shadowbringers raid and which is the worst? Watch till the end to find Xeno’s opinion on this tier of Final Fantasy raids. May Shiva, Eden, Titan and The Oracle of Darkness duke it out in order to find out who is S tier and who is not.

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38 thoughts on “Xeno Rates All Shadowbringers Raids – Eden Raids Tier List (Final Fantasy 14)”

  1. Totally agree Xemo. Even once my static cleared them, I pugged E4S and E12S a lot on my own time just because I enjoyed the fights and enjoyed getting other people their clears.

  2. E10 is fantastic :/ apart from that generic aoe it spams the fight is one ever-changing gauntlet that doesn't feel stale, with some nifty unique mechanics…am I living in a cave (with my static) or something because I don't see what the orb problem is…yeah we died to it but whenever it happened they admitted they were being dumdums. Usually the melee range players…[thinking]… FAR more interesting then everything in C and D in any case.

  3. I'm a heal-job player but that is irrelevant for my hate towards E6S. I hate that fight overall, not just conflag. I can't even explain why but it just sucks as a whole

  4. I personally hate every single fight where they try to pull off this "4D Chess" mechanics, and I feel like they overused it in Eden. I really don't like Eden at all save for Titan, and even that fight gets "soiled" because Party Finder INSISTED on some really stupid melee uptime dodge strat for the bombs.

  5. I feel like people know this, but the cutscenes are for you to take a break and reset your cooldowns. get up and stretch, get some water.

    they're not in there just because they want to be cinematic, they're there because long fights are harder and they want to give you a break.

    I do agree they should just do door bosses instead, though.

  6. Generally agree with your tiers but I loved Ifrit and CoD on a personal level. Think they should look at shortening the CS to a couple of frames for savage. Like you said it’s built into the fight but they don’t have to show the whole thing every time. Titan was the best fight but his mount should have been his car.

  7. Fucking E8s a fight ruined by shitty strats and a terrible add phase and cutscene. I personally say that p3 is the best part of the shb raids. It was just fun to do

  8. E9S is one of the raids that get my static to laugh a lot. We laughed so hard as we prog the falling panel phases, especially in the beginning where they are so chaotic and we stumble a lot on each others' panels. Overall A as you said, but the mechanics' novelty is an S for me, at the same level as o3s!

  9. I honestly think that e8s prog was dope tbh but not so much on farm. I've been away from gaming so i kinda like just returned & downed e9s & e10s but lost complete interest on getting BiS when i tried e11s i seriously find everything about the fight extremely boring.

  10. Honestly the orbs were the only mechanic my group didn't like in E10S, so we cheesed it with lots of shielding and the fight instantly became much better. I really liked the shadow facing mechanics and even as a melee, I thought the fight flowed really well with the orbs being the only real exception. Lots of variation on how you can handle the people shadows and pitch bog was nice as well.

  11. being bias, of course, Titan was my first on-content savage tier done, so gate holds a special place with me. I loved progging Titan, still one of the most fun fights to me.
    I also agree on Shiva, Promise, and especially Shadowdog. 10 is just boring and bull at the same time


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