WoW Vs FF14 Ft Echo Scipe & Sfia – FFXIV Moments

FFXIV Best Moments! Streamed 2022-09-09 – 2022-09-09. Remember to like and subscribe!
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Riochyu –

Arthars –

00:35 Taiga Strat
SloppyTopToppy –

01:07 uptime ruby 5
iTrolledU –

01:38 Gear wow vs FFXIV
Scripe –

02:22 im sorry arthars chan
Arthars –

02:39 What the dog doin’?
mala_imac –

02:57 oh no
Ferro –

03:24 Exchange of Agonies
resanoca –

03:42 cyn made arthars mald lmfao
Arthars –

04:21 Hidden Leaf DRK
Arthars –

04:31 🙂
Scripe –

05:32 ff gearing xdd
Scripe –

06:04 mel used to rp him
shioriarts –

06:40 fdsafds
Preachlfw –

07:07 What a spawn
Riley_Falh –

07:25 jerry uptime
pizza_god420 –

Cindelluna –

08:02 .
Arthars –

08:14 kekw
smiRk45 –

08:59 The two sides of TBN
Arthars –

09:19 coked
Scripe –

09:33 Fire/Ice
DDoan –

09:55 The greatest betrayal P6S has ever seen
woops –

10:56 raid experience
Chiyure –

11:43 is this the new strat?
OnemusV –

11:53 Arthars- Reaction to FREEDOM strat LOL
Arthars –

12:54 monkaSTEER
mariacat7 –

13:17 64 Extreme splits D:
Scripe –

13:46 yay
Arthars –

14:39 savage prog day 1
yukiri_sw –

15:10 HUH
Arthars –

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Enjoy these FFXIV Moments that are hilarious or important. I make Funny FF14 Moments like these almost daily some which features Asmongold and ZeplaHQ, Asmon and Zepla are some of my favorite streamers.

I especially Liked Asmongold BLOWN AWAY By Final Fantasy XIV | First Time Playing and Blizzard Just LOST IT! Lead Manager Insults Asmongold & Promotes Harassers in FFXIV as well as Asmongold Reacts to “ALL FFXIV Mounts & How to Get Them!” By Zepla finally First Impressions with Final Fantasy 14


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  2. I am…honestly not sure where this focus on gear comes from. I'm having a hard time thinking of any JRPGs that make a big deal out of gearing. It's basically the damage increase and cosmetic factor. Seems like a mismatch of expectations.

  3. Look i'm not anti-WoW. I'm more than likely going to get Dragonflight and try it out. But whoever that dude going about the gearing system being so superior is, he's talking out of his ass. Gear is just as rudimentary with arbitrary increases to your stats as it is in XIV. Yes tier pieces and legendaries have additional effects on them, but they aren't anywhere close to being as game changing as he is implying. At best they just change how certain skills work to make them more useful, but 9 times out of 10 they're just more arbitrary systems to get bigger numbers on your gear.

  4. Yeah, your dps depending on how many pieces of a BiS set you have is so fun. I'm glad there's no idiotic gear mechanics like this in FFXIV, it's such a chore to adjust your gameplay to your gear. Also for RPG purposes I think it's better to not have your playstyle depening on gear but on your character itself, one may think it's a cool addition to the gameplay to have some additional mechanics depending on pieces of a gear but the whole idea of having certain abilities or traits based on your artifact weapon/gear set pieces imho is a really bad design that sometimes forces you to stick to worse stats gear just because of that one effect you get with the gear.

  5. I think the one thing that people are missing is that FFXIV is basically void of almost anything resembling Build Craft. You pick whether you want to play Tank, Healer, or DPS, and that’s it. Yes Ninja and Black Mage play differently but ultimately they accomplish the same thing, which the same can definitely not be said about Rogue and Mage in earlier iterations of WoW. Gear is another layer of build craft complexity in a lot of RPGs and MMOs. In FFXIV it’s very simple “get higher ilevel.”

    Ultimately it boils down to do you enjoy the preparation (which a lot of people do) or do you really hate the preparation and just want to eat and go home.

  6. I get what Sfia's talking about but I really don't miss relearning my class for a single tier because of set bonuses or legendary gear pigeon-holing you into a bland build for optimal throughput. It was fun in some cases for some classes but alts were a much bigger pain in the ass in WoW than they are in FFXIV.


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