Trying Final Fantasy XIV – August 13 2021 Live Stream VoD V1

I tried Final Fantasy XIV Online! Re-upload to fix a video issue. I made my first character and gave FF14 a try. This is a live stream VoD from my August 13 2021 Twitch broadcast. I’m now streaming 6 days a week (Mon/Tues/Wed mornings and Thurs/Fri/Sat afternoons) over at

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29 thoughts on “Trying Final Fantasy XIV – August 13 2021 Live Stream VoD V1”

  1. I feel like asking why you should be invested in a heavily story based games story is kind of a dumb question I’m sorry, thats like putting on Avengers Civil War and then asking why they are fighting and why you should care or be invested in the fight…..If you werent invested and didnt care why r u watching THAT movie when you could watch something u do care about?? It shouldn’t have to explain to you why you should be invested in a story driven game story it’s because it’s a story driven game because the entire story IS the game……its like reading the Harry Potter books and asking why you should be invested in Harry….cause the books r literally about him and if you skip chapters ur gonna be confused af by Deathly Hallows

  2. I understand people saying “play how you want to”, but if you’re skipping the story you might as well not stream it. I’m sure no one wants to watch you get to a key part of the story where a beloved character dies or something crazy happens and you just end up skipping the cutscene. Lol

  3. All new players that just want to progress:

    1. Focus on the MSQ (Main Storyline Quest), they are the quests that have the fire-y emblem
    2. Complete your Job Quests as you level.
    (Both are located at the top left of your screen by default)

    If you reach a point to where you do not have the required level to accept either of these quests, do any of the following until you are leveled to continue steps 1 and 2:

    – Run the highest level dungeon you have access to.
    – Complete your hunting logs and/or challenge logs.
    – Complete a daily roulette.
    – Pick up some side quests around your level.

    That's the bare basics. Enjoy.

  4. You got to love how all these wow players jump ship then there game goes to crap…Now come to Final Fantasy and hope you like playing it but 1 month ago you wouldnt give this game a second look why come now ? Afraid you need your You tube money to keep coming ! Go back to wow save yourself wow has made you all soft !

  5. The story is pretty okay, but not until heavensward. the ARR story is horrible, and so is the game in general in ARR. FFXIV sucks in general until heavensward

  6. I'm happy to see Hazelnutty trying FF14. I suspect it's not the best fit for her. I played WoW since Vanilla and it wasn't until I played about 20 levels in Guild Wars 2 that I was confident that I could replace my main mmo. I want to say Thank You Hazzlenutty for helping me enjoy wow all these years. Now go make your Guild Wars 2 toon and lets continue please.

  7. To Me Final Fantasy is a Bad MMO like I prefer WoW, Though taking a break from WoW at the Moment and try Sword of Legend online , But could not pay me to play Final fantasy.

  8. Play as you like, if you do find later you want to revisit it once the story picks up there is new game plus and the like. But like many MMOs there is plenty to do, it's just FFs story is what it does well.

  9. As a FFXI and WoW player. Only thing that kept me interested in XIV was the knowledge that I love raiding with friends. I gave zero shits about the story, I skip all CS just like you haha. No mmo storyline so far has come close to being as awesome as FFXIs story. But if you enjoy raiding with friends and shiny graphics like me then XIV is great once you get past the MSQ grindy stuff.

  10. Yeah in order to download this game its a hot ass mess. The shop to buy things also way too crowded. Once you over that mess. You have an interface thats way too futuristic and cluttered especially in the mini map. This is why I love Guild Wars lol

  11. I remember now that I thought the English voice acting was so terrible that I switched it to Japanese. That was 2014. I honestly forgot that they dub for other languages until watching your cutscene in the end there.


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