P6S U[time Stack & Spread Strat | Quick Guide by Xeno FFXIV

This is a quick guide for Phase 1 of P6S (Pandaemonium Abyssos: The Sixth Circle Savage) that Xeno hopes more people will use in PF since it’s easy to execute, gives full uptime and has minimal caster movement.

Strategy Raid Plan: https://raidplan.io/plan/Q0C6WYwo_OKt732F

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20 thoughts on “P6S U[time Stack & Spread Strat | Quick Guide by Xeno FFXIV”

  1. Nice, but if pf can't handle the switch from 20/8/12/16 to 8/12/16/20 to avoid the 20s and 8s clipping each other, there's no way they're gonna change an entire strat from set positions to stack chasing.

  2. If you did this and your static still don't skip cach 2 consider switching static.

    jking lol, I love my static, their damage sucks and literally worse than PF but when push comes to shove they are the one who will stay.

  3. There's no point to confuse PF with uptime strats when the DPS check on 6 is so light you can beat enrage even with 5+ deaths and a party full of damage downs. It's just unnecessary unless you're doing barse parties or something.

  4. This is a really cool guide, thank you so much for releasing this.

    I can finally get my u[time without wiping the party!

    Now if only you'd make a guide on uptime…

  5. It's simply not worth it. The DPS check is super lenient if people aren't potato geared and can do a green parse. Even with deaths and damage downs the check is barely there. This fight is more of a Cachexia check than anything else, so making Agonies 1 more complicated than it needs to be is unnecessary.


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