Opera Singer Reacts: Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Launch & Full Trailer

I’m extremely excited for the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail. This series is my home, and I can never get enough of it. Let’s react to and talk about the feelings evoked by the music in both of these amazing trailers!

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27 thoughts on “Opera Singer Reacts: Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Launch & Full Trailer”

  1. I'm just going to take this video as a birthday present to me, thank you for posting it on my birthday. 😉

    ALL THE DAWNTRAIL HYPE I cannot wait! It's a totally different vibe than even with Endwalker. I love it, and I am so so so psyched. And I appreciate this breakdown of the theme – of course it's gotten flack because it's not BIG EPIC, it's 'pop,' it's upbeat, etc. But the lightness of all of it – not just genre, but like you were noting with the jumping/bouncing notes that give it the playful feel, everything primarily in a major key, nice bright instruments – the song just exuuuuudes an overwhelming feeling of happy and excitement and anticipation.

    Are you going for a new job?? 😀

  2. I've been playing through the game a second time with some friends that I got into the game, and since I've been tanking for them, it's given me the push I needed to finish levelling Gunbreaker to 90 on my main character as my first max level tank. Looking forward to seeing what new mechanics they put into the fights in Dawntrail!

  3. The vibe I get all throughout is obviously "summer vacation," but it's further broken up into different expressions of a vacation. You've got the Open Sky segments that sound an awful lot like a bunch of rowdy drunken folks shout-singing, you've got the fiery and festive flamenco dancing portion (love how that's the expansion's standard world battle music, BTW), and you've got that skipping glee during Amanda's section. Yet sprinkled around it is that little wisp of danger, but it's not a threat so much as an eager challenge to take on.

  4. Your genuine excitement towards the new expansion is incredibly wholesome. There's just something about FFXIV that feels like coming home after a long day or hugging an old friend you haven't seen in awhile, and I am incredibly excited for Dawntrail. I hope you have a lot of fun too!

  5. One thing I also love is when at the end the music loops back to part 1 It is as if the main cast has still ONLY been listening to that part while we as the player has had this vision of the future to come. A lot of this trailer is about how the cast experiences what is around them at the moment, As if this is unexplored territory they have yet to see.

    While the other expansion trailers are more about them already BEING or Having been at the destination and the music is telling the tale.

    Basically in the old trailers the characters are showing us the players what we're going to experience.
    But in this new trailer we're all experiening what is to come together.


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