My Honest Thoughts on the FFXIV Endwalker PvP Changes

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is making a lot of updates and in patch 6.1 we’ll see big updates to the PvP system with a new mode and removal of a classic. Here are my honest thoughts on the FFXIV Endwalker PvP Changes
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0:00 Introduction
2:00 PvP Changes
6:00 5 Man Parties
9:00 The Future of PvP


15 thoughts on “My Honest Thoughts on the FFXIV Endwalker PvP Changes”

  1. I think the addition of a 5v5 mode is gonna be fun. I dislike large-scale pop mainly because there's always so much going on. With a small group, strategy and genuinely looking after one another is better, and could make PVP much more interesting to me personally. But I just really want play Ninja the exact same way I play it in PVE. Going into current pvp, it feels nothing like it. I did love the personal Limit Breaks, and I'd love to see that in PVE content. The LB system in PVE needs a complete overhaul.

    Open-world PVP would be a lot of fun in FF14. To me, that would be true skill testing, but there's always the fear people would abuse it against new players who just get started.

  2. I have never been really into PVP, but with these changes I am actually excited about the changes. I missed out on the GARO crossover because of my not being into PVP, so hopefully Yoshi can work his magic and bring it back.

  3. I'm very excited to see what this PVP mode is going to be like. 5v5 is a good composition for as my friends have called it "Payload" game play. I do however not want to see it in PvE. Mostly cause in the FF games I've played, the max party has always been 4. There were a few where I had extra people to bring it to 5, but I really like the smaller group. I guess that's not a great reason, cause it's all for the immersion aspect of things lol.

  4. I don’t mind the battle pass. I will give it a chance but making everything just a dps is lame. The reason healers were a problem was because there was no CC really. So instead of trying add more strategy to pvp, by adding cc’s, more debuffs, and more ways for tanks to help keep people alive they are just turning it into a mindless dps spam? Idk. I will give it a try but after hearing this I almost wish they would of scrapped pvp to add more pve stuff and I am a primary pvp player in most mmos….

  5. Coming from WoW, I absolutely love the 4 man group. At 5 people, you tend to have a bystander effect that seeps in and sometimes this mentality that, "you are replaceable" when you're dealing with more people. At 4 people, there's more pressure and responsibility for everyone to do their part, but it's also easier to give everyone something to do. (This is only a reflection on PVE content, no idea about PvP since I haven't participated in FF14's PvP yet)

  6. As someone who also enjoys healing in PvP, I'm also sad that healers won't be healing in the new PvP mode. We're all just going to be dps. On the bright side, sometimes you just want to enjoy a single button rotation without the responsibility of healing, and the new mode will allow us to do just that with the healers. I guess the same can be said with tanking. Sometimes you want to fell cleave without caring about mitigating the entire team. New mode allows that too.

    But what I'm most looking forward to is being able to grind the PvP gear/rewards I've always wanted from the Feast through all of the available PvP content.

  7. World vs world pvp would be awful. I can see it now, all the good, hard core pvp focused players will join up on one world and dominate every other world. The more casual players will not wish to move servers and over time quit pvping due to the none stop destruction via the "pvp world"

  8. i love pvp, and the new mode is epic.. also I'm in the same mind as you.. i would love to see random duels in the world.. that's what was fun in ESO.. pick fights with randoms.. also open world faction pvp between the 3 grand companies would be EPIC.. or a persistent zone just to do it like eso or gw2 would be awesome.. but FFXIV fans are such haters of PVP its mind numbing.. i think rival wings mode sucks a lot tho


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