Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – #8 – The Catfish and the Samurai

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0:00 – Introduction

0:36 – QUEST: “It’s Probably a Trap”

24:31 – QUEST: “Making the Catfish Sing”


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Edited by Daniel Floyd

♫ “Pray Return” by Chris Logsdon

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29 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – #8 – The Catfish and the Samurai”

  1. I #%^*ing love Namazu so much tbh. Their Tribe quests are also 100% worth doing for the story alone, and they’re an absolute delight. I still want that official Namazu themed Daruma doll too. 😀

  2. To this day I keep a namazu minion as my main minion because it is one of the few that nakes a noise when it moves. Of course I sometimes forget until someone asks what the wierd squishing noise is.

  3. 23:17 Hancock is the kind of nerd who wants ten thousand translation notes in his anime subs. What he says is still true of course. Plants and similar can be found as being referred to as "blue", such as 'aojiru' which is a kind of vegetable juice.

  4. – hehehe they got Catfished
    – technically there is a translation, Azure, which is a green-ish shade of blue, that being said *ahem*… WEEEEEB!!!
    – about time we let Lyse just kick people into the heavens
    – geez, how slow & beurocratic Bribery has to be in Hagane that you can organize a whole Samurai tournament AND win before they're done bribing your freedom

  5. Playfriends, this is not what being "catfished" means, but Cider Spider makes good jokes. This is your spoiler free lore comment!

    In Japanese mythology, Namazu (鯰) or Ōnamazu (大鯰) is a large catfish which is responsible for earthquakes. The creature lives beneath the Japanese islands, bound by the god Kashima. Should Kashima let his guard down, the catfish trashes against its bindings, causing the earthquakes. In Final Fantasy, I think this is the first depiction of Namazu? As Hancock notes, they do not have a good reputation in Kugane. Generally, the attitude towards Namazu can be compared to Moogles. While Moogles are lazy, selfish, and mischievous, they don't generally commit sleights against others in malice. Also, they're cute. Namazu, on the other hand, have a reputation of being lazy, selfish, and duplicitous. Also, much fewer people view them as cute, although they have their aficionados.

    As an aside, the koban is the standard currency used in the Far East. We don't get a full understanding of the currency conversion, but Eorzean traders have been in Kugane long enough that money changers have cropped up. Interestingly, the Gil wasn't standardized in Eorzea until about a century ago, after the Autumn War when the Eorzean Alliance was founded.

    Welp, we anticipated a trap, and it was a trap. Being punted by Lyse is honestly the best Gyodo could have hoped for. While I doubt he knows of Durmin's renown, he really should've been able to tell that this is a team of seasoned combatants. The Garleans notably use Samurai animations for their swordsmen, showing that the alterations to their uniforms here in the Far East aren't the only change in doctrine for this region. But Durmin needs to cheese it from the fuzz. Notably, I believe that playing this mission as a Ninja allows the use of the Hide skill, which nearly trivializes the requirement of evading the Sekiseigumi, since you're basically rendered invisible.

    Kōjin, sometimes known as Sambō-Kōjin or Sanbō-Kōjin (三宝荒神), is a kami of fire, kitchen, and the hearth. I don't think they're usually depicted as a turtle, though. As Soroban notes, there is a schism in his people. Red Kojin has taken to a mercenary lifestyle, and have politically allied themselves with the Garlean Empire in the region, while the Blue Kojin are of a more mercantile bent, and have attempted to remain neutral. Although sometimes keeping your place in the region sometimes means picking a side, and Soroban has seen a path forward by assisting the Scions. As with past reputation grinds, the Kojin are two factions, with you assisting the faction which is friendly. For the Kojin quests, you assist Kabuto, one of the Blue that has taken up the sword, choosing to become an adventurer and fight back against the Red. Kojin daily quests grant significant experience for combat jobs.

    New Cast Member:
    Kristian Phillips, of Wizards vs Aliens, as Soroban

  6. 1:52 Lyse's expression is priceless. I don't know how to feel about Palico-fish, myself.
    2:57 Press any button to doubt.
    5:22 I don't like the fact I'm agreeing with this man.
    7:05 As a very annoying old woman once said: "it may be a trap, but traps work both ways."
    13:05 Inside explosions? Not a lot of yelling going on.
    15:04 I don't like forced stealth mission… but a *timed*, forced stealth mission is the worst.
    17:57 …That turtle's a ninja, right? Right?
    27:29 Wow… that's a surprisingly natural feeling turn animation for Alisaie. Over the shoulder look, step, turn.
    34:31 I'm kinda sad we don't get to hear Gosetsu's bellowing here…

  7. I'm a total outsider to both games (Guild Wars was my MMO of choice back in the day), so I have absolutely no idea about the timelines of everything – But is that "Talking bears" line a jab at WoW and the introduction of the Pandaren?

  8. Fun fact with the duty here, if you're a ninja you have a stealth ability; it will work here so you can just walk right through. As normal vison cone rules apply as they do with the rest of the game.

  9. I love that look right at the start from Durmin. He knows exactly how well Tataru will take the idea of them agreeing to pay for something without first finding out exactly how much, and trying to haggle it down, and is just debating if he wants to be close enough to watch what she does to Lyse, or stay well clear of the potential AoE of it.

  10. 26:55 I'm assuming Namazu, like actual fish (including that of the feline variety) don't have eyelids, but a clear scale cover instead. Durmin, please don't get into a staring contest with a Namazu…


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