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Xeno was streaming a housing simulator when all of a sudden a housing main attacked the bald streamer on Twitter. Another Final Fantasy 14 Drama ensues.

Housing Simulator:

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29 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Housing Drama | Xeno Reacts”

  1. According to Yoshi-P himself, a third party tool does not have to affect the game in any way in order to be against Terms of Service. ACT is a great example and the one Yoshi-P uses when addressing the topic. I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but he says that ACT is basically just a calculator. It only reads numbers from the combat log, which are open to the public and can be read by any player, and simply adds them together and calculates stuff. I doesn't affect the actual game in any way. Even so, it is a third party tool and will get you banned if they find out. I'm pretty certain whatever was used in this video also fits that same description, so leaving a record of it like this might be swimming in pretty dangerous waters.

  2. If people are so bored with FFXIV that they need to scrounge through trash cans and between couch cushions for the tiniest bit of drama to talk about, just find another fucking hobby. Take a break. Pick up a life skill or something.

  3. For the people gatekeeping : you suck. You're random little anime PFP thinking you can hide knowledge on internet. You're worse than useless, at least someone useless would have the decency to not hide anything.

  4. Barring the "housing mains" who are malding because they feel like their secret weapon to milking gil from other players, lazy or just strapped for time, will be lost … the community are indeed sheep. YoshiP should just permit addons/mods at this point. Modding against ToS doesn't stop anyone from making mods. Whether they are NSFW or not. It doesn't halt RMT. It doesn't stop cheaters from cheating in PvP. Doesn't even stop people from selling mods. It's more of a headache for the GMs and the community than a help. Because people try so hard to be "good" and "wholesome" that they don't realize how toxic they truly are.

    All the drama I have seen besides the chair stuff or obvious cheaters that SHOULD be banned has been stuff regarding what's right or wrong by standards of ToS. You use modded gposes, people mald. You use a website and not even upload it to the game, malding. Adjust some hairstyles in game cause a majority of the vanilla game hairstyles are 100% crappy? Malding. It's like legalizing weed. You legalize mods, and now all the problems are just lack of content and people actually exploiting the game to gain an advantage. Just like legalizing weed would cut costs on the prison system. Boom. Solved the problem.

  5. “Mods” are programs that alter game files to favor the intended outcome. A “Parser” analysis game files.

    Third party software is anything that touches the game files. So, a website that doesn’t touch the game files, is not braking ToS.

  6. The reason Square Enix defines "Third Party" the way they do is legal. They can reasonably control what you do with their game. If someone outside of Square Enix (a third party) creates some software that can interact with their software, even just to click for you, they can respond in a legal way to make that person stop. However, if someone creates a simulator that doesn't interact with their software in anyway, they literally can do nothing.
    Now, with something like the house decorating simulator, even if you never use the function, the fact that the program CAN interface with the game makes it third party by default. Think of it like this, if you have a program that lets you view game models offline, but also lets you zoom hack, even if you only view game models with it, it would still be detected by anti-cheat as a zoom hack.

  7. Idk man I can see your side on the part where you get called out for drama but when you went on the mental health/being sad rampage I think it was too much. People get to be sad about anything, you don't get to decide wether someone should be sad or not and judge them for it.

  8. nyoom twitter people superboliding over non-issues because they need to point the fingers at others and victimize themselves to feel better about their pitiful existence because being self-aware and acknowledging that you have issues yourself and fixing them to be happy in life is too hard for their lazy ass. Add a layer of "I have nothing to be proud of in my life and designing houses in ffxiv is the only thing I have going for me" on top of that.


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