Final Fantasy Xiv Endwalker: Old Sharlyan Day Theme

Since every video with the music has voice overs or discord pings, enjoy and get hyped!
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31 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Xiv Endwalker: Old Sharlyan Day Theme”

  1. I can almost imagine taking the person I love to Old Sharlyan. Drinking fine wine as we watch the azure skies transition into a stunning sunset of crimson and orange hues, not a care in the world as the warm ocean rises up to embrace our toes in the sand.

  2. This gave me something akin to a modern day Chrono Cross vibe in the first half, but then it went full FF in the second act, and god that “Wings of Hope” refrain hit so gorgeously… this is absolutely beautiful.

    Thank god they made Old Sharlayan so large, it’s going to be PACKED.

  3. This track is amazing. It has a chill paradise vibe to it. The vocals – it was almost as if Angels in the Heavens are singing to me. So beautiful, so very beautiful. Its usually sad music that makes me cry but I have cried out of happiness for the first time in my life while listening to Vocals. The song makes me feel happy and positive. Its as if that voice touches the depths of my very soul. It produces the same effect every time no matter how many times I listen to it. This is made of Magic.


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