Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Memes – Estinien Being the Azure Dragoon for 5 Minutes

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Memes – Estinien Being the Azure Dragoon for 5 Minutes

5 minutes of Estinien Wyrmblood being the Azure Dragoon hot dummy he is. Estinien’s stoic serious nature makes funny things that happen even more funny because of how socially awkward he is. FFXIV Cutscenes taken from Shadowbringers and Endwalker. Feel free to use this for memes. Just credit. Enjoy! Final Fantasy XIV/14 is meme material like Xenoblade Chronicles! Like Xenoblade, Final Fantasy 14 has me hooked and I just need to share some moments I have had during the game. In FFXIV, you can become various jobs, which allows you to craft and sell stuff. FFXIV in a nutshell.
Hello everyone and welcome to Final Fantasy XIV! My name is MrSOAP999 and I will be doing a different take on a playthrough for this MMO. Because of how long the game is, I will be doing various memes of it instead! This will not be an official let’s play, but more of a once in a while video series,

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Video Game: Final Fantasy XIV/14 Endwalker
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28 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Memes – Estinien Being the Azure Dragoon for 5 Minutes”

  1. Estinien Heavensward: A quiet and brooding tormented warrior tasked with carrying the eyes of his sworn enemy only to be engulfed by his own rage and regret becoming the beast he vowed vengeance against . A beautifully tragic character

    Estinien Endwalkers: This man is about as social as a coconut, the social tack of a chocobo at a gala, and is so horrible with money he's not allowed to walk around in markets alone. His new BFF is a dragon and though he won't say he truly loves his new found family and would joyfully kill for them. He also makes dad jokes now

    God tier character development right here and he only gets more endearing as he opens up

  2. This is why I love Estinien. They'll wash dragons can be cold and brewing and try looking like absolute badasses but deep down inside we all have our dad jokes are funny side and the willingness to sacrifice our own lives to protect those we care about🤣


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