FFXIV Shadowbringers Trailer Reaction – FF14 Shadowbringers Reaction (FFXIV Reaction)

Shadowbringers Trailer Reaction
This Shadowbringers trailer is absolutely incredible, I absolutely love how they brought in the ending to Stormblood, the intense and high pitch music and the confusion throughout! We streamed for around 10 solid hours to finish Stormblood and the hype towards the end was amazing, I’m so excited to Shadowbringers and more of this fantasy story.

I found stormblood not really my thing, but Shadowbringers feels like its heading more towards fantasy, ascians and a continuation of where it left from heavensward. This Shadowbringers trailer absolutely blew me away and I’m so excited for this story!

Gonna be streaming all of the Shadowbringers MSQ over on Twitch if you want to join:


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  1. I have watched this trailer countless times since it first came out, quite possibly my favourite trailer for ANYTHING ever, the fact the next one is also a serious contender should say a lot as well.
    It really is a massive step up from the Stormblood trailer which was literally just – Sweeping view of Rhalgr's Reach (the dullest hub area we've ever had), Monk demonstration, Samurai demonstration, sweeping look at Kugane and then logo. My god SB's trailer did an awful job hyping that expansion… Sadly kind of appropriate don't you think?

  2. I’m so so excited to see you go through it all. Won’t say much more than enjoy the journey; has been fantastic following your content since your very first day. 🧡

  3. With reference to some of the stuff in the trailer: If you haven't yet, you should try running the Lost City of Amdapor (Hard). It'll give you some more insight into what Amdapor was getting up to during the War of the Magi at the height of their use of White Magic, which has some implications with the things you learn in Shadowbringers.

  4. Welcome to Shadowbringer <3 enjoy the Story! So far Shadowbringer is on 1st place from the Addons and Heavensward on the 2nd Place, actually I'm hyped for Endwalker only 4 weeks left Hype!!!!

  5. Both times i wanted to say “Marty, shuddup for a second!” As he says the warrior of light at the beginning and become the warrior of darkness at the end. I flipped my blinking wig when he said that.

  6. i swear every time i watch a streamers reaction to this trailer on youtube i want to reach through the screen and choke them saying go watch it again and this time shut up and pay attention before they can start the actual expansion

  7. Oh my! How many days have come since that day, when you literally stumbled over the fishing guild and started your distraction, uhm I mean journey… I wish I could have joined you more in your shenanigans while you streamed but I got my 2nd daughter back in july and she's taking all my time. Makes me realize how much has happened since then but I'm glad I still see your genuine excitement about everything new in the game. I can still barely log in but I am looking forward to all new video announcements on Discord. Shadowbringers is the best expansion so far imo and the trailer still makes me tear up every single time (and then you watch it twice, hoo boy!). The hype is real!!


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