FFXIV REAL TALK: I was blown away by Roleplaying (RP) in FFXIV

Quazii reflects on his first RP outing to clubs in FFXIV.

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25 thoughts on “FFXIV REAL TALK: I was blown away by Roleplaying (RP) in FFXIV”

  1. I don't consider myself an RPer but there's a group of femroe pals who like to hang out at a club on Behemoth for First Saturdays each month while connected to a live DJ stream. It's really fun and it's a nice way to engage with people from all over. It's fun to make a special glam each month to join in.

    Another non-RP example of community: the Ishgard Restoration started up in earnest just as COVID was hitting, and the sheer number of people who were there working together was mindboggling. Check out videos of the Ishgard restoration fates to see just how many people got together to help. It's really heartwarming!

  2. It honestly makes me happy to see you enjoy RP even though I don't do it myself cuz I'm such a pathetic introvert haha. The RP scene in this game is insaaane and I've never seen anything like it, it's really incredible. Like you mentioned, a big chunk of credit goes to the devs for enabling such a great environment for RP with housing, character customization, glam, and a ridiculous amount of emotes.

  3. RP honestly looks so fun. I play this game for years now but I've never had the courage to go to a club and RP because I've never done it and I'm afraid of not knowing what to do and being awkward. Can I just like, go to a club alone and talk to people? Or are there guidelines I need to know, or have someone introduce me to these places?

  4. what you're showing in the video is only hanging out and socializing nothing wrong with it, now RP is a bit different from hanging out go to Balmung in Ul'dah and you'll know what RP is.

  5. Not super huge rper myself but my rp consists of speaking passable old english during dungeons and dressing as a starbucks employee (craftsman apron+black pants), aggressively handing out drinks and cakes

  6. As someone who's been RPing casually for years now, it's not just hanging out with people you normally couldn't or in places you couldn't, but it's also about doing the things you couldn't IRL. And I mean aside from ERP. Most of my best RP sessions were completely impromptu and was about our group just screwing around after someone made some sort of weird comment and someone else responded in a way they wouldn't have IRL. In a matter of seconds, our entire group was getting into the joke as we all started role playing based on the joke itself.

    Things like one guy making a vampire joke while rising out of the coffin from the Void Ark raid, and the rest of us freaking out that he'll suck everyone's blood out and trying to get him back into the coffin, only for everyone to hide inside trying to stay away from the vampire, or one guy making a really bad joke and the rest punishing him with creative executions using a fireplace someone put down in the FC house's lobby.

    It's shit that you would never see precisely because the game is separated from real life by a degree, while allowing such a degree of freedom and expression.

  7. Going into club or bar in FFXIV is like going to rl club/bar…the hottest club queue time is crazy (1-1.5hr) and when you finally enter, time flies, and without you realised its 4am in the morning ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. I found it funny at first that now most of my raid friends are done with the current tier they got into the RP/Social scene and dragged me along to try it too (I was one of the people lined up for hours outside of Sapphire ahaha), at first I was relatively shy about it but then I grew to kinda enjoy it because it reminded me of playing social chatroom games back around the early-mid 2000s where you kinda just chill and talk about whatever with other people it's pretty fun.

    Also big props to the RP community for putting in the amount of work that they do, I was constantly impressed by the level of creativity in Housing (Ultimate) and the amount of organization the staff of these places put in.

  9. I noticed that a lot of streamers only look into the club rp scene in the game – but there is also a very large rp scene that sticks to the lore and roleplayers adventuring, political intrigue, long lasting elaborate stories etc. I think it might be more difficult to get into for non-RPers than the clubbing because it's a bit more involved and you need more of a backstory, lore knowledge etc.. = )

  10. Went to Sapphire for the first time last Sunday, now after raids we look for RP spots to unwind. I used to look down on people who do this. To them, I apologize. You guys, make this game amazing!!


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