FFXIV Patch 6.1 Full Job Changes Details and My Thoughts

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Patch 6.1 all Job Changes and my reaction thoughts on these adjustments. Patch 6.1 Full Patch Notes: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/c73cd284013587066d8f9e697fab1db9f007372c
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15 thoughts on “FFXIV Patch 6.1 Full Job Changes Details and My Thoughts”

  1. I really, like the whm changes, not quite as far as I wanted. But misery being dps positive helps alot with mp (it's technically neutral but, since it's now 60 seconds it aligns with buff windows)

  2. Nice intro and chill music in the background, gave this patch overview a nice vibe. Those Dark Knight changes seem really good tho!! With a 1500 potency heal every time they land a skill during walking dead I don't think the healer will have to save any CDs for LD to keep you up anymore.

  3. Warrior AOE change is extremely welcome! Constantly having to backup slightly in packs to make sure and hit everybody with a cone and then run back in the middle. Little bit wonky in execution but this is a cool quality of life change right here!

  4. Dark knight changes: Yay! Still wish we had some more sustain but still good to see living dead changes.

    Samurai: I…gotta see how numbers play out. Long as I deal bug damage I’ll be happy, I’m a casual player anyways

  5. I feel for MCH its way too little with the only big buff being wildfire but 33% increase on a low dps ability is just minimal. The heat blast buff is good but its not enough. I feel this was to try to get MCH closer to the rest the ranged physical which is flawed since MCH is a pure dps job. I think our big hit abilities are fine but our 1 2 3 combo should of got a 10 10 20 buff or 20 across the board. Dev team is insistent on range tax when the argument for it has become weaker with every expansion and now is at the point where it shouldnt exist. Positionals have become a joke for the most part on top of ranged abilities not breaking combos and casters have gained more and more instant casts to move with.

  6. NIN changes actually look like a nice DPS boost overall for them, though not super happy bout the Bhavak change

    SMN nice potency boost, but that recast time might be murder in fights like P3S

  7. So basically for paladin you have a 30 sec window when you can pop Blade of Faith, instead of it being a immediate combo with, basically now you can put in the second Goring Blade back without overwriting it … atlas that's the main thing I see from that, ot at least its an option now …
    For Summoner they basically don't want you to use swiftcast on Ifrit actions since now the recast timer is the same as the cast …

    The changes to lilies made me a happy WHM main … You can cast misery every minute … and now you want to go for misery even after using 1 lily gcd heal .. since now it become a DPS gain, even if you drop 3 glares … while previously you would need 2 actual heals to for it to be DPS positive …
    And since now you want to drop glares in favor of lillies, since misery is now DPS neutral … you will be saving mana …
    That and with now being able to use bell as a heal bomb actively is another positive change
    Lest see how much of a difference it makes


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