FFXIV How to Unlock Everything in the GARO Event

How to unlock everything in the latest FFXIV GARO crossover event in Final Fantasy XIV
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22 thoughts on “FFXIV How to Unlock Everything in the GARO Event”

  1. I might have missed it, but do you have to wear the garo gear in pvp to get credit? Or is it only to acquire the title (which you then equip for achievement credit in pvp)?

  2. Thank you so much for this video Brian. I’m very much a PvP newbie and as such there are a Lot of things I still don’t know. This will be my very first PvP event in… the history of PvP in FFXIV. 😂 Not sure I’ll get any rewards at all since I have no titles yet, but I’ll try my best. Above all, I intend to have fun! ❤️

  3. FFXIV PvP is so exhausting, not because it is particularly difficult, not because the matches are boring, but because… every single expansion and I do mean EVERY single one. They completely change every job, every hot bar, etc, so that even if you are a veteran PvPer, you have to re-learn every little thing about how skills work. It is the main problem with PvP in this game, and I hate it so much. I signed on today, and low and behold my entire PvP hotbar, for every single job is just a bunch of crossed out icons. After the 7th time, I don't think I am going to be able to tolerate this if they do this again next expansion.

  4. if you just want the look of the gear to glamour a bit: Golden Saucer provides everything as lvl 1 stuff in exchange for MGP but you cannot dye it.
    also be aware there are gender locked parts of equipment. while not an issue for every job some got their garb divided.
    and no: lvl 1 stuff doesnt count for the title :p

  5. I've been playing since day 1 of ARR and haven't touched PVP at all, I'm interested in it for the first time and will have to give it a shot. Just to confirm, when you go to pvp area it auto switches your hotbar to pvp right? So if I take all my pve actions off while I'm there I won't have to reassign them when I leave?

  6. I was so looking for how to fix the hud, it put everything at 140% and i only had a tiny view of the game XD thanks for that tidbit now maybe I can see when someone is near me instead of tunnel vision

  7. A very important thing to note: Recuperate, Elixer, Sprint, Guard and Purify are shared between ALL PVP Jobs. If you have a secondary bar (say, the second left crossbar shown on screen) I HIGHLY recommend enabling Shared Hotbar on that bar and assigning those buttons along with a mount to your PVP Bar. This will save you a small amount of effort in the short term, but also reduces bar bloat since you'll always know what button your self-heal or mount are on in PVP at all times.


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