FFXIV Endwalker – Dungeon Final Boss Theme + Sage Gameplay

Endwalker Media Tour Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXkyq_yUMjI&list=PLNONxPk8TDQqRCAXswWPiuOiD2Zc02nbk

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30 thoughts on “FFXIV Endwalker – Dungeon Final Boss Theme + Sage Gameplay”

  1. I think I prefer this over Insatiable as a dungeon boss theme. Insatiable blew my mind…at first. But man am I sick of it and its variations. I don't think that song played nearly as well on repeat compared to this one.

  2. Did soken compose this 1? Or nobuo? Either way it's good. I like that they double down on the shadowbringers trend with matching it to the feel of the expansion.

    ShB music always felt like it was egging you to get a move on. Was all about the expansions pacing and I loved it. This sounds closer to the "save the world" final fantasy default, which is still great. I do think endwalkers music was a bit better though

  3. Mmmm.. I mean, it’s got the elements of what a boss dungeon FF fight track should sound like. For all we know, there’s probably going to be a ‘battle’ track on its own that’ll have a lesser dynamic (a bit less orchestral and choir)

  4. This gives off more trial or raid energy than dungeon boss energy. It's interesting. I'm not gonna say I love it because it's my first time hearing it, but I can see this growing on me big time.

  5. It's the song that plays in the big Garlemald fight section of the benchmark, but less grand. Makes me wonder if that's an intentional save for the final dungeon boss of Endwalker. Either way I love it.

  6. I like how they use some of the same anims as spoken races. Guessing that means they're empowered people, rather a primal. I hope we get to interract with them as characters.


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