FFXIV Endwalker – A Grand Reunion

This is officially the single best game I’ve ever played.

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9 thoughts on “FFXIV Endwalker – A Grand Reunion”

  1. After everything that had happened so far in this expansion, Urianger meeting Moenbryda's parents was the scene that completely broke me and continues to do so every time I watch it. It hits so, SO hard to see Urianger get that hug he so desperately needed – and for once be on the receiving end of comforting words instead of giving them.

  2. Welcome to the part of the story that leans in and asks the player: "So… how much extra content did you do?"
    It's probably one of the top 3 hype moments that happen in Endwalker, and a real trip down memory lane for anyone that took the time to unlock every trial and raid (and the side areas of Eureka and Bozja) before this point.
    It's definitely the best way to show the player that "yes, your actions do matter", even if the story is linear.

  3. I'd been worried about Urianger after our little talk on the moon. When this scene happened…man, the tears! I don't cry for nothin', but that scene got me! They did a great job of bringing everything, thus far, together. I enjoyed it and now I'm enjoying watching you enjoy it too! I look forward to your videos. They brighten my day.

  4. Can confirm cause I still haven't finished sky pirates or omega (can never get group to do midgardsomr). Omega and alpha don't appear and the sky pirates are replaced with knights.


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