[FFXIV] Al-iklil (Bozjan field note mount)

Al-iklil mount (Fran’s bike from FFXII) can be obtained by collecting all the Bozjan Field Notes. This can be accomplished without participating in any of the 1v1 duels. Link to the guide is provided on where to collect the field notes.

Lalafell ✔️
Passenger ✔️
Emote ✔️

Late completion as I wasn’t interested sacrificing sanity for this mount until i changed race. Took me 10 days collecting the missing notes from where i left off, Field Notes on Sartauvoir and Lyon was the only two things that drove me mad. 39x of Castrum Litoire for Lyon while only 15x of Dalriada for Lyon, Part II and Menenius, Part II. We all know Fate grind is the bane of Eorzea. Remove expectations and just do it was my friend lmao.

[Complete Field note guide]


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